"Tenenbom is puzzled by the reflexive denial of anti-Semitism he meets in the Jews he interviews. He asks (as Tuvia, a fellow Jew), and they freeze or insist there is none. Why? One Manchester man tells him they are afraid he will write about it and inspire more of it. A woman tells him, “Because it’s painful to admit that so many people hate you.”"

-So many people hate you': Documenting the U.K.'s burgeoning anti-Semitism

"In Ireland, there are Palestinian flags flying everywhere: homes, pubs and government buildings. Tenenbom asks people why. They can’t explain, only that Palestinians are victims. (Like themselves, he infers from their patter.) A video clip of Derry pubsters responding to Tenenbom’s question about the Palestinian flags with a torrent of anti-Semitic sewage went viral."


There's a lot to unpack here. Let me give it a shot.

First, there's historical antisemitism in the UK that's gone back centuries, literally a thousand years.

Ireland also shares much the same history and culture, including deeply rooted antisemitism.

I've considered moving to the UK, and I've considered moving to Ireland. Ireland is 100% a no go. London was "OK" but still not great. Brexit killed that opportunity for me anyway.



Most people in the UK are simply unaware of how much anti-Jewish hate is part of the culture, including the BBC, which has a decidedly anti-Jewish and especially anti-Israel bias.

This was an issue when I was involved in OSM, as anti-Israeli sentiment was very strong in the organization, including a "controversy" about naming Jerusalem in its local language.

Canada has its own flavor of this, and I do have anxiety about living long term in Canada because of it.



Now let's tackle the Palestinian conflict as it relates to the UK.

First, I think it's important to remember that the UK has very strong ties to the Arab countries. I've met more Brits who "holiday in" places like Dubai than I would have believed. It's just part of the culture.

Secondly, Israel was born, in no small part, out of proto-Israeli attacks on Britain. This included para-military action, terrorism, etc. This was an armed revolution.

But third is the most important...


Being Pro-Palestinian in the conflict doesn't have to equate to anti-semitismm though they often do.

I support Palestinian's right to freedom of self-governance and autonomy and their right to live peacefully.

Being pro-human rights is entirely compatible with my views as a Zionist.

Using "Palestine" as a way to attack Jews is absolutely disgusting, both to Jews and as a way of using Palestinians as pawns.

It absolutely sickens me.

@emacsen What about immigration to Britain from Pakistan? Is that a major source of modern British antisemitism, so far as you know?


I don't know about that as any major source of issues. The UK has hated Jews for a thousand years...

@emacsen That there is hatred for Jews in the UK now and long has been is an unfortunate truth. However I don't think it's fair to suggest that the UK overall has hated Jews for ages; after all, they did elect an ethnically Jewish prime minister in the 19th century, so at that point in time at least, most voters must not have had strong negative opinions about Jews.


I think that sometimes shorthand is a problem for me. I don't think every person in the UK hates Jews, but there is a longstanding antisemitism issue in the UK.

I think the term "ethnically Jewish" is problematic, though. Judaism is a race, yes, but it's also a religion.

Jews as a people are persecuted, but you can't just have Jewish ancestry. Being a practicing convert also makes you Jewish, as does being brought up Jewish.

@emacsen Well was baptised at the age of 13 when his father decided to become Anglican. So he was certainly ethnically Jewish, and experienced antisemitism as a result.

There's a story here: jewishstandard.timesofisrael.c

I happened to drive through a town named after him on Thursday, in rural .

@emacsen @mpjgregoire Brexit has accelerated the rightwards shift in politics which had already been occurring for the last few decades. My estimation is that you're part of any ethnic or religious minority it's especially not safe to be moving to the UK at present. They're already trying to legislate Roma out of existence, and in the near term I don't see anything which will prevent the politicians (of whatever team) from doing the same to similarly "othered" groups.

@kawaiipunk @bob @emacsen This thread started with a link to a newspaper article I read today.

@bob @mpjgregoire

This might be, but it doesn't take away from the antisemitism on the left, which is on the rise.

See this thread:

@emacsen @bob @mpjgregoire A while ago I made the mistake of following a bunch of Corbynistas on Twitter. And of course this turned out to be an lamentable decision. Even on the left of the Labour party, which is typically more politically educated, there is still plenty of racism and sexism.

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