PeerTube moderation / white supremacism mention 

A video maker from YouTube have opened his own instance.

videos . lukesmith . xyz

He have announced the creation of this instance because "so many of [his] favorites channels now have [been banned]" while showing one banned for hate speech.
After a quick search this channel was the one of the "American Renaissance" magazine, a white supremacist online publication.

While his YouTube channel seems to host mostly tech/linux related content he seems to use a lot of alt-right's illustrations on the thumbnails. I haven't watched any others videos than the one where he's talking about PeerTube so I don't know about the content.

He also said that he have put a lot of his YouTube videos in "private" recently to avoid been banned.

He said in this video that he will post PeerTube's exclusive videos that he can't post on YouTube because they would be banned.

He also said that he wants to fully use federation to not be isolated on his instance, I suggest that we don't allow him that !

PeerTube moderation / white supremacism mention 

@PeerTube_Isolation dear god, i remember back when i used to watch him 3 years ago. at some point i got an alt-right vibe and fucked off

guess i was right on the money

re: PeerTube moderation / white supremacism mention 

@enbyss it's that alt-right vibe in the thumbnails that makes me look closer to what he is.

I think that he try to keep it discrete to have a wider audience..

re: PeerTube moderation / white supremacism mention 

@PeerTube_Isolation back in the day he definitely kept it discrete. unfortunately I watched him if only to find out more about Linux and some things that I could do. Turns out I learned nothing useful from him except to learn LaTeX as soon as possible, which was a life saver.

The altright vibe came from the elitism. For some reason, linux elitism (such as insulting people who use "vanilla" distros, not being comfortable with the CLI, etc., not people who prefer linux) correlates highly with alt-right vibes.


re: PeerTube moderation / white supremacism mention 

@enbyss @PeerTube_Isolation Interesting. I can imagine how a sense of in software could correlate with opposition to , which seems to be a characteristic of the alt-right. OTOH, I can't think of any free software developers with alt-right inclinations; most seem non-political, some seem leftist, a few seem .

Can you think of others with alt-right tendencies?

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