Weil #Beziehungen angeblich nicht mehr langlebig sind: Wie lange seid ihr mit eurer aktuellen Partnerin/eurem aktuellen Partner zusammen?


Because #relationships are supposedly no longer long-lasting: How long have you been with your current partner?

mathematicians, physicists and enthusiasts: what parts of mathematical notation are the worst? pls boost.

I could be wrong! Maybe Mme Joly has been reading *The Economist* for the last thirty years. Maybe she has personal connections to key people in the capitals of our allies. Maybe she understands why so many Americans vote R. Maybe she speaks Russian and is familiar with Chinese history. Maybe she has, not charisma, but gravitas and when she speaks others instinctively fall silent and listen.

Does anyone remember her successes as Minister of Tourism? No?

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The referendum is of interest mostly in showing that there is no duty to conduct good faith constitutional negotiations in the absence of a clear majority on a clear question.

(My own opinion is that equalisation has a place in , that the current programme ought to be reformed, and that it ought never to have been written into the .)

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I have three theories:
a) wanted to get out of cabinet. Sometimes that happens.

b) did not consider Mr. Garneau a team player. One can imagine an argument about calling an election the day that Kabul fell.

c) Mr. Trudeau wants strong female candidates in the next leadership race. Giving a top job to Mme Joly makes it more likely that a francophone will be among them.

In any case, it doesn't seem likely that it will be good for foreign policy.

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"In recent years, Canada couldn’t do much to anger the United States while it was re-negotiating the trade agreement between the two countries, while it didn’t want to say too much to anger China while that country was holding the two Michaels hostage. He added that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hasn’t valued the file. “I think that Mr. Trudeau does not understand the importance of foreign policy,” Saint-Jacques said."

Replacing by is hard to understand.

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Mélanie "Joly will also be taking over a post that has seen high turnover in recent years, making her the fifth foreign affairs minister in six years. [...]
“foreign affairs is an area where you really need an experienced minister, including experience ideally in the international arena,” she said. “It takes a minister with confidence, but it also takes time, because you can’t just walk in and start leading, you have to really know the file.”


Results are in at last:

"Of those who cast ballots, 50.2 per cent answered “no,” while 49.8 per cent said “yes.” In Edmonton, 54.6 per cent of voters responded “no” and 45.4 per cent said “yes.” In Calgary, 51.5 voted “no” and 48.5 per cent voted “yes.” A total of 38.7 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots in the daylight time referendum."

City-dwellers, thwarting the (correct) rural desire to stop moving clocks with .


do you think free verse poetry has meter?

Panorama of a solitary rainstorm with a rainbow in the center. Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia (OC)

Original tweet : twitter.com/tilbots/status/145

Global CO2 emissions in 2017. It would be interesting to see a similar chart of historic emissions, starting in 1800.

On the other hand, "There is someone in my family who attended a residential school in Fort George who was sexually assaulted every day for eight years by a nun," said Jean. [another guest on TLMEP]

Frankly that seems unlikely. It's easy to imagine a man committing sexual abuse daily, or either sex committing physical abuse daily, but a woman committing daily sexual abuse? Still if such monsters exist, they would seek opportunities such as the presented... Possible.

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I've always had a certain fondness for , and I was trying to think of ways that it could be true that he knew nothing. So I'm grateful to learn the truth. Over on Twitter, I see that someone has quoted Hansard from 1969, in which Minister Chrétien discusses an investigation he has launched into conditions at Akaitcho Hall in Yellowknife. He may or may not be lying, but he's not telling the full truth.


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But after her much crying and reproaching me with inconstancy and preferring a sorry girl before her, I did give her no provocation, but did promise all fair usage to her and love, and foreswore any hurt that I did with her, till at last she seemed to be at ease again.

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But she went on from one thing to another till at last it appeared plainly her trouble was at what she saw, but yet I did not know how much she saw, and therefore said nothing to her.

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But to bed, and my wife said little also, but could not sleep, but about two in the morning waked me and cried, and fell to tell me as a great secret that she was a Roman Catholique and had received the Holy Sacrament, which troubled me, but I took no notice of it.

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For months, I've been hoping someone would ask :

"Chrétien, who appeared on the talk show to discuss his new book, said that he was aware of the existence of residential schools, but not what was going on there."

Jean Chrétien says he never heard about abuse in residential schools while he was minister

"They talk a little too loud and ask a million questions and occasionally lose their minds when they bump up against a boundary and find it doesn't move out of the way for them. [...] In this sense, parenting is an inherently social occupation. Trying to cram it into an individualist framework, where the costs and consequences of children fall on parents and no one else, distorts the whole endeavor."


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