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Looking forward to when the tech industry goes back to being less hostile to freelancers/consultants

We still have a tech position open at the Freedom of the Press Foundation (a nonprofit): a Sr. Software Engineer position to work on SecureDrop, the open source whistleblower platform used by 65+ media organizations, originally developed by the late Aaron Swartz.

You get paid to work
✅ from anywhere in the world
✅ on a world-changing project
✅ that's open source,
✅ stewarded by a small team
✅ that's led by a woman.

Help spreading the word is much appreciated:

Ne laissez pas un technicien réseau faire du son...

La satisfaction malheureuse d'avoir un Welcome to Nginx qui sort de son cluster k8s après des heures de prises de tête alors que ça prendrait 15min de le faire à l'ancienne.

Seize the means of procrastination


Carnivàle (2003) still has probably the best opening credits I’ve seen

iOS when you connect to a new PC to charge like "do you trust this computer" my friend I have never trusted a computer in my entire life

Lots of manufactured angst here tonight

It's finally here! v1.0 of Toot! has been officially released on the app store!

For those who have not been in on the beta test already, this is an Mastodon client for iOS, full of character and whimsy. It is multi-instance, multi-account, it is fast, it is comfortable and it is above all a lot of fun!

It has a strong focus on user experience, animation, and attention to detail, as well as being the best client for Mastodon around. Try it now!

I like to add "J" at the end of email bodies.

Linux users think it's a happy face, and Windows users think "WTF is there a J in this email?", and they get to feel my pain.

“Thanks for your ticket. Regarding the status page, that needs to be loaded over HTTP. There was an issue earlier that was forcing a redirection to HTTPS, but we have managed to get this fixed up.”

Glad they got that pesky redirection to a more secure protocol sorted out! How annoying... plaintext ftw!

Signal is testing out a new feature that encrypts message metadata. Once it's widely deployed, their server will facilitate delivering messages but without having access to who is sending them

@mtigas just FYI, it seems the ProPublica .onions have been down for a few days?

TIL: there is an Haven-inspired app for iOS called ‘Raven’ maybe being developed (‘alpha’ status, no commits in last 6 mo)

@Thepunkgeek Please add me to Infosec, Linux, Privacy, Sysadmins.

‘All of us must be alert to that greatest of all limitations to wisdom: the assumption' - Bruce Pascoe

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