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Wow, just down the street from my place. Car stacker automatically responds to a flood and rises... but a bit too far for the car on top! 😮😬

Calling my weekend country trip off early thanks to 37mm of rain in 10 minutes yesterday, causing my town to be basically underwater.. word is I may be buying a wet/dry vacuum cleaner for our apartment!

@greg_harvey I tried World First again this month for first time in years (sick of losing hundreds in PayPal fees).. possibly a big mistake 😡

Digging through old photos

Ma grand-mère, Rennes 2011(?)

Holy cow, there already exists at least one public Onion service expressly for telnetting into, and it's an official Wikipedia mirror

public authorities "can secretly compel tech companies and individual technologists, including network administrators, sysadmins, and open source developers – to re-engineer software and hardware under their control, so that it can be used to spy on their users. Engineers can be penalized for refusing to comply with fines and prison"... sounds like a nightmare but it is reality in the #UK and #Australia #eff #spy #privacy #security

Comme nous le redoutions lundi dernier, le Parlement européen vient d’adopter un rapport proposant, au prétexte de la lutte contre le terrorisme, de déléguer la censure du Web européen à Facebook et Google.

Après la fusillade d'hier à Strasbourg, comme d’habitude, le temps de la réflexion, et même du deuil, a été écarté pour avancer à marche forcée vers des mesures sécuritaires censées « défendre la démocratie contre le totalitarisme » - tout en faisant l’inverse.

Portrait of a social media interaction, 2013 (actually Frogner Park, Norway)

Galettes almost as good as the real thing

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