We have just reached 250,000 users in the database : mastory.social
🍾 🍾 🍾

Things have slowed down but the harvester is still discovering ~300 new accounts a day : mastory.social/index.php?page=

New users are starting to appear on @mastory from a new instance that only allows emoji and images to be posted: mastory.social/index.php?q=emo

source: mastodon.social/users/ytone/up

They were accounting for 1694 users on mastory.social, they have just been removed, we are now back under 200 000 :( mastodon.xyz/users/TheKinrar/u

The crawling tool is now working in standalone mode, gently finding new users to add to the 190k+ already in the database. Time to improve user interface and play with data.

First thing: statistics about the number of users in mastory compared to mastodon.xyz instance list by @TheKinrar : mastory.social/index.php?page= . Lot of missing users but I suspect they are mainly inactive/unlinked users.

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