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We have just reached 250,000 users in the database :
🍾 🍾 🍾

Things have slowed down but the harvester is still discovering ~300 new accounts a day :

New users are starting to appear on @mastory from a new instance that only allows emoji and images to be posted:


Thanks @FF255 for the idea, we are now displaying emoji on the results list.

They were accounting for 1694 users on, they have just been removed, we are now back under 200 000 :(

Now more than 200,000 users in the directory! Some stastitics :

The crawling tool is now working in standalone mode, gently finding new users to add to the 190k+ already in the database. Time to improve user interface and play with data.

First thing: statistics about the number of users in mastory compared to instance list by @TheKinrar : . Lot of missing users but I suspect they are mainly inactive/unlinked users.