Question for the bikers : what kind of lock do you use to protect your precious bike ? Was looking for a u-lock but afraid it will be too small to lock the frame + wheel on my mountain bike.

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@kimael I already found this kind of lock but was wondering if good for mountain bikes (where the wheel and frame are a bit further apart, larger frame,...). I guess I need to find somebody with one and test it.

I use one of those ball and socket jointed locks because they're a nightmare to try to cut through and can't be sprung open with a jack like a D Lock can. The only real issue is the actual lock part is a tubular lock so that's a 10 second job with an Ace pick (thankfully, most bike thieves don't try picking). I'd recommend trying to find something like it but with a cammed lock or just a pin-tumbler lock with mushroom pins...

@dheadshot ball and socket ? Do you have picture/reference ? Not sure to get the kind

@dheadshot thanks ! These are strong enough? I thought these were possible to cut with simple pliers

@dheadshot do you have a brand/model to recommand that I can investigate ?

The one I have is so old it probably doesn't exist anymore, but I know Michelin do some?

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