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Il y a des manipulations invisibles, parce que culturellement dominantes.
Quelle manipulation est la plus dangereuse ?

.. What?

??? Really?

aaahha, here is : 10 US-Dollar per Million Transactions and 99 Dollar per

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the bourgeois push the narrative that "no-one will work for free" (food, housing, leisure, infrastucture by and for workers/dependents = "for free") because they won't lift a fucking finger for anything that won't make them a profit. fuck that. selfishness isn't "human nature," it's a bourgeois class value

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Unicorn Riot: **Passions Run High at ‘Close the Concentration Camps’ Protest**

"Aurora, CO – On Friday, July 12, 2019, more than 1,500 people participated in a protest outside the sole Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility in the state, owned and operated by the private prison corporation GEO Group. The protester…"

#anarchism #bot

is 'putt ...
(ich war's nicht 😃 )

Die gesuchte Seite wurde leider nicht gefunden (Fehlernummer 404) |

Die gesuchte Seite wurde leider nicht gefunden (Fehlernummer 404)

whether one can determine in economic figures where a society is moving socially?

government in germany spends more money on weapons...

Emergency rooms in german hospitals collapse, government sets up telephone hotline...

when you use , you and know what your customers are feeling... !

or ?

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I will need the help of Android developers.
I recently used a lib that includes Glide 4.8.0 (same version that Fedilab uses)

I got this error:
D8: Program type already present: com.bumptech.glide.GeneratedRequestManagerFactory
I tried to exclude the dependency from this lib without any success.


If you had already encountered this issue, I would appreciate your help :)

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Using microblogging to link to actual long form article you wrote is probably OK, but then we should ask, why do we let some foreign for-profit companies control who we "follow" (and throttle/censor) instead of using RSS feeds and controlling our subscriptions?
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I have begun limiting the number of things I post or time spent on microblogging (earlier this month already). Justice won't come from #socialcontrolmedia but #censorship will.
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