@lyxia Hi!
I wanted to use the “begin details” environment now that coq.8.12 is finally out, and it turns out it is broken.

I am not sure, but I think this is due to your patch here:

I think the issue lies in the Lexing.new_line lexbuf; you have introduced. Can you explain to me why you did this? To see if I can just propose a PR where it is removed without breaking anything else

new_lines is called to update the current position for errror reporting, so it might be something else I did...

@lyxia my understanding is that you added a `nl` at the wrong place during your refactoring

Oh I see. I misunderstood the syntax of begin details, thought it was a standalone tag like the others. Sorry about that.


That's the third thing I broke with that patch... I should work on some tests around that part...

@lyxia I am adding a test for details right now! At least this one should be fine

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