If you put the words "from" and "age" together, it becomes "fromage".

The rental market in Edinburgh is a complete shitshow.

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En 2014, Evelyne Dhéliat avait présenté une météo "fiction" de 2050, avec des températures élevées pour alerter sur le changement climatique

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you know that "xn--" prefix for internationalised domain names?

til that the "n" was picked at random by feeding some stock market numbers into a hash function


Closed 5 issues in haskell/text today. I just need to repeat that 10 times and everything will be fixed. How hard could it be 🤡

"He was going to live forever, or die in the attempt." - Catch-22

Coq plugin hacking is the worst way to learn about dynamic linking.

Scarecrows are a form of automation. 🤔

The successor relation S x = y almost spells out Sexy...

The proofassistants SE beta is off to a great start.

Petition to rename category theory to Functorio and release it on Steam.

I love math so much, I'd become a historian, so I can date theorems.

I wonder whether I can turn my US vaccine certificate into a FR vaccine pass.

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