I wonder whether I can turn my US vaccine certificate into a FR vaccine pass.

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💻 C'est quoi un programme "prouvé" mathématiquement ?

Apprenez-en plus avec le nouvel article de Aabu :
Écrire des programmes prouvés corrects avec Coq (🐓)

#ZesteDeSavoir #programmation #Coq

What if nothing is real and everything is an abstraction

Fun challenge by Talia Ringer on twitter:

How fast can you prove

N.succ (N.add x y) = N.add x (N.succ y)

without stdlib lemmas? As in, pretend you only just defined N and its operations.

NB: this is the binary N, not the unary nat, so it's a bit trickier than it looks.

(The starting import is "From Coq Require Import NArith.")

- I was born on a year of the Rooster
- I learned Coq on a year of the Rooster


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"these models are vulnerable to a kind of “typographic attack” where adding adversarial text to images can cause them to be systematically misclassified."
📄 distill.pub/2021/multimodal-ne

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When asked about fears of automation in 1969, Arthur C. Clarke famously said that we shouldn't worry about automation: "the goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play." I have never seen his answer quoted in full.

Ancient egyptians worshipped cats, because cats inspire awwe.

Can we say that functions in cubical type theory are CuTT Pi's?

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This channel has an extremely weird and fun aesthetic. A material scientist telling silent stories while making kitchen knives from things that shouldn’t be made into knives.

J'ai un fichier de N octets. J'alloue un tableau de N octets. Je lis N octets. Erreur dans Windows, EOF exception. Parce que les \r\n sont convertis en \n, le tableau va contenir moins de N octets. Ok, je fais attention de bien m'arrêter à la fin du fichier. Deuxième erreur, j'ai des \0 à la fin des sorties. J'étais encore en train de dire au reste du programme que le tableau faisait N octets. Pfiou.

Haktoberfest is a nice idea with a terrible execution. Letting repos opt in would basically solve the spam problem.

I just verified that an S-expression parser recognizes only S-expressions.

Implementation: 250 LOC
Spec: 125 LOC
Proof: 700 LOC


Apparently parser combinators in total languages with dependent types is still a widely open research problem. Projects that need parsing just roll their own stuff, and rarely verify it...


To git rebase whenever you pull, add in ~/.gitconfig :

rebase = true

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