Hi everyone, I decided to create an open-source illustration pack, this pack includes about 20 illustrations, some of which were created specifically for the pack and some are my old works, which I decided to put in open-source. The pack is distributed under the MIT license, I hope it will be useful to someone =) You can download it from the link: https://github.com/nsobolewart/NS-illustration-pack #3d #blender #lowpoly #isometric #illustration #opensource #foss #design #webdesign #free #freebie

— Allons-nous vers la révolution prolétarienne ?
— «Un homme que l’on jetterait à la mer en plein océan ne devrait pas se laisser couler, malgré le peu de chances qu’il aurait de trouver le salut, mais nager jusqu’à l’épuisement.»

À lire librement ici : abrupt.ch/simone-weil/allons-n

Ouverture du site ecoleouverte.ca/fr/

Peut-être que ça pourrait inspirer des parents français aussi 😇

👨‍🏫 🏠 👩‍🏫

✉️ @Telegram has failed to respond to our letter on #CloudExtraction - which allows warrantless, broad access to cloud stored data. This is a vital issue for security of Telegram's customer data. Help us demand they respond now and retweet. 🔁

Read more: privacyinternational.org/news-

As the COVID-19 outbreak forces most companies to collaborate remotely, more people are turning to tools like Zoom. If you’re using Zoom, you may want to be aware of these concerning privacy practices. protonmail.com/blog/zoom-priva

> There are only a few cable repair ships, they’ll stay on sea for months on end (which currently protects them from COVID-19 hopefully!) — instituut.net/~job/netops_duri

Une pensée pour ces héros sans blouse blanche.

+ (une science?) + + + libre/collaborative/ouverte + (indiscipline?)

Beaucoup de choses dans cet entretien avec @AnthonyMasure@twitter.com
et Xavier Guchet.


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