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god@nature:~# bases=ATGC; for i in {1..8000000000}; do echo -n ${bases:$((RANDOM %4)):1}; done > platypus.dna

Listening to Doom OST while coding in C ❤️

I knew in wasn't great, because of small size (stack) and security issues. But I didn't know it was also buggy!!! (at least with ).
My program used VLA to store a few data, but behaved weirdly. Then I switched to good old malloc() calls and all is OK.

Et hop, 3ème dose reçue.
Dans quel état passerai-je la nuit ?
Puisse mon corps ne pas grelotter comme la dernière fois.

I discovered a few days ago, and now I'm spending my life on it.

Ami mastonaute bonjour. :mastodon:
Aujourd'hui j'ai 39 ans. Si tu veux me faire un p'tit cadeau 🎁 peut-être connais-tu une opportunité d'emploi de dev C (pas C++) et/ou Shell ? Qui ne demande ni Bac+8 ni 10 ans d'expérience ?
J'suis « confirmé » en scripts shell.
Je connais bien le C mais j'ai peu d'expérience avec. Je connais pas tous les protocoles bas-niveau, ni un framework en particulier, mais tu sais quoi ? J'aime apprendre !
Merci de m'avoir lu :-)

My 7 y/o is "Super-Spider-Hulk".
Weird mix.

The Alternative Big O notation:

O(1) = O(yeah)
O(log n) = O(nice)
O(n) = O(k)
O(n²) = O(my)
O(2ⁿ) = O(no)
O(n!) = O(mg!)
O(n!*n) = O(rly?)

(From the bird site.)

Watched .
I like it.
Only small disappointment: The dialogues are further away from the novel than in the 1984 film.

Si les gens savaient d'où vient l'expression « Ça va ? », elle serait beaucoup moins employée.
(Ainsi que tout ce qui en découle, du genre « on fait aller »)

@niplav @Dee
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#jerecrute toujours, enfin ma boite quoi. Des développeurs, des analystes, des architectes, des chefs de projets, des consultants, des experts…
Au moins 40 personnes sur les différents postes, et partout en France.
Repouet très appréciés.

Applying custom syntax highlighting on a language you have invented is a delightful experience, especially when your program to parse this language works well :-D

Having variables in that are all global makes me write functions that could be macros.

Mixing , and script syntaxes (as I do in my current project) is a good exercise.

Finally, it works!
It seems the secret for encrypted working on is to modify both kernel command line (grub) AND /etc/crypttab.

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I have this feeling that, the more you find leading underscores in a variable name, the more the variable is about a low-level thing.
Perhaps with "________e" one can manipulate electrons directly.

French quotes are cool delimiters for , especially when you generate shell scripts.

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