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#Guix now has its own infrastructure to build a #Disarchive database, which, coupled with #SoftwareHeritage, is our guarantee for long-term source code availability:

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This let's encrypt situation is depressing.

All in sudden, the web will appear as broken for a big fleet of perfectly functioning android smartphone & other devices having their software stack unmaintained.

What can these device owners can do besides buying a new one?

How much e-waste is going to get generated from this madness?

Once again, we, as software engineers as a whole, fail to seriously address the climate urgency we're currently facing.

TIL: GNU parallel is really nice to run the 600 NixOS tests!

(it can run batchs, set timeouts, provide a final report and put each test outputs in dedicated files)

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RFC 9057: Email Author Header Field

Qui est l'auteur d'un message reçu par #courrierÉlectronique ? La réponse semblait autrefois simple, c'est forcément la personne ou l'organisation indiquée dans le champ From:. Sauf que des changements récents dans le traitement des messages ont amené à ce que le From: soit parfois modifié. Il ne reflète donc plus le vrai auteur. D'où ce #RFC qui crée un nouvel en-tête, Author:, qui identifie le vrai émetteur.

Quand une phopto permettant de m'identifier est publiée sur Facebook, puis-je exiger son retrait?

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Privacy-wise, Matrix is worse than Slack for public rooms.

Don't hit respond yet, read further.

With this whole freenode mess, some of the online communities I'm part of moved to Matrix. Despite how much I personally love IRC (that's top-notch privacy-wise for public rooms), I have to admit the overall Matrix UX is order of magnitude better and more in line withthe 2021 standards. It lowers the barrier of entry, and I'm all in for that!

However, there's a *massive* catch: the read status. Every time you can see a message on a public room, Matrix will show your avatar next to the said message to materialize you "read" (at least saw) it,

There's currently no way to disable this feature, be it on synapse or dendrite. The read status gets broadcasted to *all the room participants*, including bots.

Some bots are autojoining all the big room as soon as your open them. It's not clear who operate them, they don't ask nobody's consent before joining. You can assume this presence data is actively getting stored and mined by them, it's trivial to do. I implemented such a POC in a couple of hours yesterday night (I obviously turned it off and deleted the data after showing it to some friends).

Back to my initial punch line: this situation is worse than it it is with Slack. At least, with Slack, my read status stays between me, Slack corp and the people they decide to share the data with. With Matrix, it's open bar, private data for everyone.

The Vector team seem not to care too much [1] and are not considering this situation as urgent.

We absolutely need a way to disable these read status on a per room (or space?) level. As free software devs, we should be able to protect our peers and users privacy. My presence status, be it on a public chat is definitely *not* a public data that should carelessly be shared.

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Contre la résilience -

La mise en avant de la « résilience », nom donné à l’opération militaire anti-Covid de Macron, est symptomatique d’une idéologie qui compte sur les individus pour surmonter les catastrophes engendrées par un système qu’on ne veut pas remettre en cause. Généalogie d’un concept fort utile pour ceux qui ne veulent rien vraiment changer.

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Bubblegum: a nix CGI programming framework

- [x] Nix
- [x] Execline
- [x] A nix-instantiate based CLI tool. Wait.. What!?

As far as I am concerned, we have a clear winner for this April Fools Day.

The attention to detail is amazing.
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Une photo qui résume à elle seule toute notre époque.

(Gare du Midi, Bruxelles, mars 2021 - auteur-autrice inconnu-e)

Dommage, je ne saurais pas s'il va encore neiger: "C'est le moment le plus difficile depuis le début de Météociel il y a 18 ans, nous avons eu quelques pannes et défaillances matérielles mais jamais nous ne nous attendions avoir un datacenter disparaître de la sorte. "

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Htop tip of the day.

You can strace any running process by simply pressing "s"
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Je me demande pourquoi être dans un train ça me rend heureuse.

Les rails, la technologie, le paysage qui défile, la sensation de passer au cœur d'un endroit, le beau temps ça aide aussi....

Mais c'est plus que ça, çae provoque très souvent du bonheur et un apaisement fort

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I ended up going with Gandi Email. The migration has been almost painless.

Thanks all for the provider suggestions, it was really helpful!
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