Rest assured, is not impacted by greenwashing!

"Imagine [...] being able to monitor oil and gas plants in remote locations to perform predictive maintenance"

This is a example usecase coming from their microshift project announcement:

Finally, I created the nix2container repository with a faster dockerTools.buildImage implementation.

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Good news for long-term source code preservation and support in #Guix!

This grant will allow Timothy to further work on #Disarchive, the missing link between #SoftwareHeritage and the deployment tools such as #Guix. 👍

I actually can't believe these sentences!

"Instead of storing the data on-chain, NFTs instead contain a URL that points to the data. What surprised me about the standards was that there’s no hash commitment for the data located at the URL"

So, people would not spend money for images, but for URLs, (pointing to images that can be updated)...

(this comes from

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nix-env -Ai nixos.vault

Glad to see a line in one of my company doc!

Especially that i didn't write it myself ;)

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"Introducing nix-casync, a more efficient way to store and substitute Nix store paths"

TL;DR: improving the Nix binary substitution by splitting the NAR archives in small chunks.

This distribution mechanism should decrease the amount of data we need to download each time a small input hash changed for a given derivation.
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Looks like this whole #log4j debacle is going to be hard to address due to Java practices consisting in shipping binaries (jars) of unknown provenance.

Glad the one in #Guix is built from source, and now fixed:

Looking for an opportunity to NixInfect 💉 your company?

docker build -f default.nix .

A maintainer is experimenting to build Nix derivations with , a famous container build tool.

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Hey ! I've just noticed that today's date was a palyndrome ! Happy 20211202 everyone ! : 3
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@lewo There’s a CI job continuously “disarchiving” and populating the database:

Would be nice if this could be useful to NixOS!

Perhaps it could be maintained by SWH longer-term—we’ll see.

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Just finished presenting how #SoftwareHeritage helps #Guix achieve reproducible deployment, including the latest advances around #Disarchive.

Great to have the opportunity to share with this fine audience!

And of course, 👍 to Timothy, Simon, and everyone who made it happen in the first place. 🙂

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Changement de solution pour, plus d'options pour gérer les alias et adresses mail poubelle
Avec en plus des plugins pour FF et Chrome et les applications Android et Iphone

Thanks to its simplicity, i thought the Go language made contributions easier.

However, because of some missing features, people are encouraged to use design patterns. And a design pattern choice can lead to a lot of discussions...

More concretely, Go doesn't provide optional function arguments. People then introduces the "functional options pattern" [1]. And because it's not part of the language, it's subject to long discussions during code reviews.


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Ce samedi, en partenariat avec Zéro Déchet Strasbourg, nous présenterons et animerons une conférence sur le thème de l'empreinte numérique !

Inscriptions ici :

Rendez-vous, Samedi, 14h, à la mairie de Schiltigheim !

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@lewo @l4p1n Ça a l'air bien, ce truc, là, ce Gandi, faudra que j'essaie :-)

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Frances Haugen appelle l’Europe à modérer Facebook 👉 Par @JeromeHourdeaux

Auditionnée par le #ParlementEuropéen, l’ex-employée de #MarkZuckerberg, devenue lanceuse d’alerte, a plaidé pour l’adoption d’une législation «forte» pour imposer au réseau social d’ouvrir ses données aux chercheurs et à la société civile.

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