As a side note, just a shower thought about the role of time in these models and in Bitcoin...

A "funny" thing about the Newtonian model is the reversibility of time in its equations (something that is the complete opposite of our intuition of the existence of an arrow of time).

Thermodynamics has reintroduced the idea of an arrow of time with its 2nd principle.

This was pushed even further by researchers like Prigogyne (works on dissipative structures).

On its side, Bitcoin is all about creating an "artificial" arrow of time.

This is achieved by continuously "injecting" a flow of energy into the system (a requirement for the apparition of dissipative structures).

@laurentmt Calculate the probability that a solved block unsolves itself sometime in the future.
The arrow of entropy is real, even if quantum mechanics says there's a highly improbable chance it could extricate itself.


@TallTim Agreed. Note that when I say "artificial" it doesn't mean that this arrow of time isn't real but that it's the result of an artifact, of a tool built by human beings.

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@laurentmt I'm increasingly convinced that time is only an artifact of our perception. We are serial processors, after all. A bit hard to contemplate parallelism with our limited cognition.

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