While I can understand :birdsite: @real_vijay's reasoning, it still makes me sad

Haha, this is awesome:

"Hi @Ziya_Sadr. Do you have a Paynym? Since LN payment channels seem to have a problem with Iran, let's start a #PaynymTorch based on BIP47 payment tunnels."

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@FreePietje That feels like FUDing to me. The problem isn't LN, it's people being unwilling to tweet about criminal activity---which should apply to BIP47 too. (And BIP47 is a technically crappy idea.)

@harding @FreePietje I confirm that it's not about FUDing or criticizing a specific tech. The point is that what started as a nice experiment (the LNTorch) has become a kind of celebration of the tech for the sake of the tech with almost everyone avoiding to answer Zyad's tweets...

@laurentmt @FreePietje I'm glad to hear that. If sending money to an Iranian is restricted in your jurisdiction, I also honor you for your public act of civil disobedience.

Do you also think your collegue @samourai_official isn't specifically criticizing LN here? https://mobile.twitter.com/SamouraiWallet/status/1100590796217163777

@harding @FreePietje @samourai_official Actually I think it takes more courage for writing a tweet as Vijay did than for sending a few bucks to an Iranian bitcoiner from Europe.

WRT samourai's comment, I don't think it's a criticism of LN. Seems more like a criticism of what the LNTorch experiment has become.

@laurentmt @samourai_official @FreePietje ok. Can't say I was a fan of the torch thing anyway. Bitcoin for me is mostly about trustlessness and the beneficial properties we can derive from that (such as not needing protocol-level identities). The *trust* chain confuses that.

OTOH, I understand people just want to have fun and play with new tech.

@harding @samourai_official @FreePietje Sadly, it's also an excellent metaphor of Bittrex confiscating the coins of hundred of Iranian users for months without even answering their tickets. twitter.com/Ziya_Sadr/status/1

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