Bonjour ! Depuis la version 2.17.1 sur fdroid, j'ai une notification indélébile qui me dit "fedilab is running live notifications". Il y a moyen de l'enlever ? Merci

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@switchingsocial @Anprim someone is working on a native android app, but it's still in development (governance.funkwhale.audio/d/X).

Your best bet currently is to use DSub (it's more stable than Ultrasonic, based on my experience), but I understand it's not what you're looking for :/

Could anyone recommend something like duckdns.org but that doesn't use Amazon or similar?

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This arrow by mathematician and sculptor Kokichi Sugihara can't point left. Here's how it works: It's 3D-printed with a bunch of curves our brains don't register.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ThamKhaiMeng/statu

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'La Fédération FDN explique... la régulation des télécoms' Explications en 4 parties, par la @ffdn sur son peertube, avec @bayartb & @quota_atypique . Captation réalisée en janvier par Netfreaks.
- Partie 1, pourquoi une régulation ? tube.aquilenet.fr/videos/watch
- Partie 2, la neutralité du net tube.aquilenet.fr/videos/watch
- Partie 3, bullshit tube.aquilenet.fr/videos/watch
- Partie 4, la fibre optique tube.aquilenet.fr/videos/watch
- Bande démo de l'association NetFreaks 2019 youtube.com/watch?v=mIOaWKb3Ub

the Comet on Vimeo

❝In 2016 an exciting mission was ended.
The spacecraft made its final manouver. A controlled hard-landing on the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko (67p).
Before that Rosetta accompanied the Comet for more then 2 years. It researched valuable scientific data, brought a lander on to the comets surface and took a vast number of pictures.

2017 Esa released over 400000 images from Rosettas comet(...)
(OP by simplicissimus @ seen.li/h1xz)

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: un des certificats médicaux repris dans la décision du TGI de Tours va très loin... "Le symptôme contre-indique formellement la pose de tout compteur dit intelligent [...] sous peine d'activer [...] une maladie d' par la pose de tel compteur"

🐦🔗: twitter.com/SylvieBurnouf/stat

Has anyone used with ? Was it any good?

It'd be for an orgmode novice (me). Thanks!

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Voronoi diagrams + irregular line segment replacement curves + Clojure + SVG + laser cutter = jigsaw puzzles: blog.bonnieeisenman.com/projec, via news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

¡Me Llamo Alma!


Short Spanish lessons to increase your vocabulary. Five episodes:
1. How To Dispose Of A Body
2. How To Disconnect Your Grandma From Life Support
3. How To Get Your Friend's Ass Kicked
4. How To Tell Your Friend You've Slept With His Dad
5. How To Get Your Friend Arrested

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.@EmmanuelLauren2@twitter.com : stupeurs et tremblements d'un journaliste d'histoire

Après 20 ans d'émission, le producteur de France Culture Emmanuel Laurentin quitte @FabriqueFc@twitter.com. Il confie 5 événements forts de son expérience de journaliste radio d'histoire


16 Levels of Piano Composition: Easy to Complex | WIRED


❝Pianist and composer Nahre Sol attempts to play "Happy Birthday" in 16 levels of complexity. Nahre starts playing the iconic tune with just one finger and adds more and more layers until she's playing it with extended harmonies, elongated melodies and staggered leaps. Watch and see how it all comes together!❞

Leiden Wall Formulas

❝Leiden has a rich history of physics discoveries. (...) Physicists Sense Jan van der Molen and Ivo van Vulpen, inspired by the wonderful wall poems of the TEGENBEELD foundation Leiden's inner city, have strived for famous formulas to flaunt on the walls.❞

via mathstodon.xyz/@11011110/10244

J'en ai appris des trucs en français depuis que je suis sur mastodon (dernier en date : « en PLS ») mais on peut m'expliquer ce que sont les « ze »? Surnom péjoratif pour dénoncer les zététiciens ?

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Running nmap on your @Airbnb@twitter.com network is a great way to find hidden cameras and remind yourself you need to improve your posture.🤦‍♂️

🐦🔗: twitter.com/VirtueSecurity/sta

When Experts Misinform: Conflicts of Interest, Bad Faith, and Research Blind Spots


❝In this episode, we discuss the relationship between expert researchers, their funders, the media, and the general public, and the ways that relationship can go bad. In what ways can researchers and funders act wrongly, and what are the consequences for the general public? Should we do more to prevent conflicts of interest, and what are(...)


❝A real-time journey through the first landing on the Moon
This website consists entirely of original historical mission material❞

Works well on a mobile as well.

(Audio-wise, it reminds me of youarelistening.to/newyork (enable sound autoplay))

Wow YouTube! That's a new one : advertising midway the playing of a video. What is this, television?

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Leiden wall formulas: muurformules.nl/

The last time I was in Leiden they were decorating the exterior walls of all their buildings with poems of many different languages. Now they've moved on to the language of mathematics.

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