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The Complicated Legacy of Stewart Brand’s “Whole Earth Catalog” | The New Yorker

❝At the height of the civil-rights movement and the war in Vietnam, the “Whole Earth Catalog” offered a vision for a new social order—one that eschewed institutions in favor of individual empowerment, achieved through the acquisition of skills and tools.(...)
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Le (faux?) scandale des dispositifs médicaux !

❝Tout commence avec un filet de mandarines(...)
Le dossier présenté a été fait avec le soutien d’un professeur de médecine d’une Université prestigieuse.(...)
Le filet de mandarines comme dispositif médical n’a jamais obtenu le marquage CE
82 000 morts aux Etats Unis en 10 ans à cause des dispositifs médicaux ? D’où viennent ces chiffres ?

Le Journal le Monde a été récupéré ces chiffres dans la base de données(...)

Your Dog May Not Be a Genius, After All
New study finds that canines are not exceptional in the animal world

❝In a [previous] study (...) researchers had 137 pet owners rate both their own pet and the average pet on a range of traits, including intelligence. The results revealed that the people rated their pets as above average on desirable traits and below average on undesirable(...)

Le premier anniversaire d'εxodus

❝Le 24 novembre 2017, Exodus Privacy rendait publique la plateforme εxodus. Voici quelques chiffres pour mesurer le chemin parcouru en un an :

. 152 pisteurs découverts
. plus de 37000 applications analysées, dans de nombreuses langues, dont l’hébreu, le japonais, le coréen, …
. plus de 42000 rapports générés
. plus de 1000 vues sur 3 vidéos publiées sur 2 plateformes : Peertube et(...)

The End of Trust (McSweeney's 54) | Electronic Frontier Foundation

❝anthropologist Gabriella Coleman contemplates anonymity; *Edward Snowden explains blockchain*; journalist Julia Angwin and Pioneer Award-winning artist *Trevor Paglen* discuss the intersections of their work; Pioneer Award winner Malkia Cyril discusses the historical surveillance of black bodies; and Ken Montenegro and Hamid Khan of Stop LAPD Spying(...)
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❝In professional wrestling, kayfabe /ˈkeɪfeɪb/ is the portrayal of staged events within the industry as "real" or "true", specifically the portrayal of competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants as being genuine and not of a staged or predetermined nature of any kind. Kayfabe has also evolved to become a code word of sorts for maintaining this "reality" within the direct or indirect presence of the general public.
(...) In general,(...)

on android updated yesterday and the new icon has some kind of dark blue halo. Is there any significance to it?

PSA: if you use the option MACE by PrivateInternetAccess on Android, you might want to use their apk instead of going through the Google Play Store:

❝The Google Play Store version of our app no longer includes MACE due to Google Play Store policies.❞
Their apk: privateinternetaccess.com/inst

❝Private Internet Access MACE returns IP addresses of unwanted domain names as an address that's not routable on the public(...)

An OCR cliche: Into his/her anus

❝Because the letters “rm” resemble “nu,” the OCR algorithm frequently mistakes them.❞

❝Wives and Daughters: An Every-day Story‎ – Page 519
by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell – 1890 – 637 pages
_When the old servant opened the door, a lady with a child in her anus stood there. She gasped out her ready-prepared English sentence. …_

Dr. William Smith’s(...)

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Looping animation made by sequencing key frames in the bifurcation diagram of the logistic map x := a x (1 - x), which is conjugate to the Mandelbrot set's quadratic polynomial x := x^2 + c.

The left hand edge of each keyframe is the parabolic root of a hyperbolic component (using jargon related to the Mandelbrot set). This can be found by Newton's method in 2 variables, starting from a nucleus of the relevant period (the animation starts 1, 2, 4, 8). The nucleus can be found by Newton's method in 1 variable, starting from a guess coordinate found by tracing external rays.

The right hand edge of each keyframe is a tuned / renormalized copy of the tip of the Mandelbrot antenna (c = -2 or a = 4). I found these coordinates by tracing external rays in the Mandelbrot set and then mapping c to a.

The top and bottom edges of the keyframes were found by iterating at the right hand edge and finding the two x that are closest (but not equal to) the starting point (the critical point x = 0.5). I think (not sure) these are at iteration numbers P and 2P, where P is the period of the "owning" hyperbolic component.

Interpolation between keyframes was done using Poincaré half-plane geodesics:

#fractals #chaos #mandelbrot #maths

The Crime Machine


❝New York City cops are in a fight against their own police department. They say it’s under the control of a broken computer system that punishes cops who refuse to engage in racist, corrupt policing. The story of their fight, and the story of the grouchy idealist who originally built the machine they’re fighting.❞

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"Êtes-vous heureux, Zuitton ?", dessin paru la semaine dernière dans Les Echos Week-End.


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01A Culture numérique | introduction - 1ère partie - (CN18-19) - Centre d'Enseignement Multimédia Universitaire (C.E.M.U.) Université de Caen Normandie - Vidéo - Canal-U

❝01A Culture numérique | introduction - 1ère partie - (CN18-19)

Cours de Culture numérique dans le cadre de la Licence Humanités parcours(...)
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J'aime bien les toilettes de Microsoft. Voilà.

The nine types of 'Reply Guys'

get a lot of “Reply Guys” who repeat the same unhelpful comments.
@shrewshrew and I (a woman & a man in science) have attempted to catalog those replies, to save us all the trouble of writing new responses every time. presenting THE NINE TYPES OF REPLY GUYS❞

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Somewhat improbably from the b3ta newsletter, a Sierpinski Triangle-based game:

Move the mouse to set the zoom centre; try to zoom as far as you can without losing the fractal off the sides of the screen.

I guess you win if you find a point that's in the set so good luck with that.


*« Les journalistes ont besoin des hackeurs »*
❝Les outils numériques apportent aux rédactions une aide précieuse dans la collecte d’informations. Les hackeurs, bidouilleurs informatiques, s’inscrivent parfois dans un travail journalistique. Entretien avec Jean-Marc Manach, journaliste d’investigation sur les liens entre hackeurs et journalistes.❞

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Qui diffuse le mieux les mythes autour du ? C'est la ! Voilà que la sort les "Onze commandements du podcast" et que les traduit, plus précisément _L'Atelier des médias_... dont le producteur a aussi monté une école (gratuite) de production de podcasts (voir son manifeste là -> medium.com/@ziadmaalouf/manife) :


Pourquoi des mythes ? J'en(...)
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