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Q: Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible?

❝The Assumptions of Technological Manifest Destiny
1) Technology is VALUE-NEUTRAL, and will therefore automatically lead to good outcomes for everyone.
2) Thus, new kinds of technology should be deployed as quickly as possible, even if we lack a general idea of how the technology works, or what the societal impact will be.
3) History is generally(...)

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Finally, a word of wisdom from a long-ago engineering colleague: "Whenever I see an outlier, I'm never sure whether to throw it away or patent it."
-- Berton Gunter (on outlier identification)
R-help (December 2009)

Super écolo

❝Il ferait n'importe quoi pour sauver le monde ! Pédaler pour regarder sa série préférée, élever des abeilles chez soi… Aujourd’hui, chacun peut faire un geste pour la planète. Une fiction de Charles Trahan pour ARTE Radio.❞

*Technosterone & UXtrogens* - _Goulven Champenois & Marie-Cécile Paccard_
Intervention sur la répartition des tâches en IT.
Où l'on parle de toponymes, d'ADN, de Bechdel, de faits qui poussent à l'engagement.
Ce sont 2 lyonnais indépendants. C'était durant la TakeOff 2018 à Lille.

(OP by sandburg @ seen.li/fb1i)

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projection is symmetric with respect to the x-axis (equator) and y-axis (prime meridian).❞

doi.org/10.1080/13658816.2018. (2/2)

The Equal Earth map projection

❝The Equal Earth projection satisfies the following mathematical criteria:

Equal area: The area of a region on the globe is proportional to the area of its projection.
Straight parallels: Lines of equal latitude project on to horizontal lines.
Regularly distributed meridians: At a given latitude, the spacing between lines of longitude are equal.
Bilateral symmetry: The (1/2)

another to water their plants during vacations and would sometimes plant seeds “strategically” in order to be near one another. The community shared their sorrow at the death of one gardener, and a couple got engaged.❞ (2/2)

The Telegarden

❝In 1995, artist Ken Goldberg fitted a $40,000 robot arm with a webcam and mounted it in a trough so that “virtual gardeners” from anywhere in the world could plant seeds and water them. After every hundred hits they were given the option to plant more seeds.

Organizers found that the users tended to discuss nature, technology, and interpersonal connections, with virtually no abusive language. They would ask one (1/2)

Can you draw a bicycle?

❝You might have noticed there’s something wrong with this bike. Or you might have not.
This bicycle is missing a very important part of its frame and it would immediately break if it actually existed and someone tried to ride it.❞

❝back in 2009 I began pestering friends and random strangers. I would walk up to them with a pen and a sheet of paper asking that they immediately draw me a men’s bicycle, by (1/2)

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"Ask HN: What makes HN the superior intellectual forum on the web?"

Analyser le comportement des applications mobiles, un enjeu pour notre intimité - Exodus Privacy

Une excellente présentation du projet Exodus Privacy avec notamment un exemple de shadow profile facebook assez sidérant.
Site: exodus-privacy.eu.org/, les rapports: reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/

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Unicode’s Japanese codepage contains 12 kanji with no pronunciation or meaning, known as the “ghost characters”. These appear to be the result of an administrative error at the JIS in 1978:


dérégulation, mise en compétition de ce qui devrait être des services publics). L'auteur s'est pris une volée de bois vert après la parution de l'article, cf. les liens précédents.

2) "The Grenfell Tower Inquiry", le podcast journalier de la BBC reprenant le cours de l'enquête publique:

(Attention: le podcast comprend les 7 jours de commémorations, au cours desquels les familles de victimes sont venues parler de(...) (2/2)

2 podcasts sur Grenfell Tower:
1) Un entretien avec Andrew O'Hagan sur TalkingPolitics, le podcast du LRB:
L'article d'O'Hagan a déjà été discuté ici: seenthis.net/messages/701799 par @david2 et seenthis.net/messages/701950 par @reka
L'article est très intéressant (même si beaucoup trop long) et pointe surtout vers une cause systémique de l'incendie (politiques d'habitation successives, (1/2)

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French people are doing "mastapéros" when the protocol is literally called "activitypub"