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Added "The River" (1938), you can watch it here:

Award-winning Pare Lorentz documentary about the Mississippi river, featuring poetic narration and fine cinematography.

The focus is on how misuse of the land around the river caused flooding which in turn drove farmers into poverty.

Originally made for the US government to promote FDR's New Deal.

Added "Too Late For Tears" (1949), you can watch it here:

Film noir drama. A married couple are driving home when a passing car unexpectedly throws a large bag full of money onto their back seat.

Starring Lizabeth Scott and directed by Byron Haskin.

Added "Night Tide" (1961), you can watch it here:

Off-beat, surreal psychological thriller starring Dennis Hopper and Linda Lawson about a young sailor who meets a mysterious woman in a seaside bar.

Directed by Curtis Harrington.

Added "The Mystery of the Leaping Fish" (1916), you can watch it here:

Short silent comedy starring Douglas Fairbanks as detective "Coke Ennyday", who opens the film cheerfully injecting himself and has a big bucket labelled "cocaine" on his desk. Script by Tod Browning and Anita Loos.

As someone on put it: "This film probably single-handedly launched the war on drugs"

Added "Gamera, the Giant Monster" (1965), you can watch it here:

Japanese monster movie about a giant turtle woken from its Arctic slumber.

Also known as "Daikaiju Gamera", this is the original Japanese version with English subtitles.

Added "The Story of Stuff" (2007), you can watch it here:

Short documentary about manufacturing and how it relates to consumers, explained in straightforward everyday language.

This film was widely seen on first release, and caused quite a bit of discussion with many response videos made.

I've updated the site so that it now lists the films by decade too:

Also, you can click on the relevant decade tag on a film's page to see more from the same decade.

Added "My Favorite Brunette" (1947), you can watch it here:

Film noir parody starring Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, with support from Peter Lorre.

Hope plays a baby photographer who dreamt of being a private eye like the guy next door, and now finds himself in prison and on death row.

Added "The Terror" (1963), you can watch it here:

A 19th Century French officer is lost and tries to ask a mysterious woman for help.

Low-key horror starring a young Jack Nicholson and an old Boris Karloff, directed by Roger Corman.

Added "He Walked By Night" (1948), you can watch it here:

Police thriller shot in a documentary style with solid cinematography, based on real events from 1940s Los Angeles.

The production of this film eventually led to the popular TV series Dragnet.

Added "3rd Ave. El" (1955), you can watch it here:

Oscar-nominated abstract short documentary about the Third Avenue elevated railway in New York, aka the "Bronx El".

The railway began to be demolished just after the film was made, with the last stations closing in 1973. As well as trains, we see candid glimpses of 1950s New York rushing by.

Jeez, talk about unintended consequences:

"Due to a widespread practice by insurers to indemnify San Francisco properties from fire but not earthquake ... people in that neighborhood were firing their houses ...they were told that they would not get their insurance on buildings damaged by the earthquake unless they were damaged by fire."

So, insurance companies were in effect telling people to torch their own properties or face ruin!

Added "A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire" (1906), you can watch it here:

This is a completely silent high quality film taken from a cable car as it passed down Market Street shortly before the 1906 earthquake and fire that destroyed 80% of San Francisco.

Most of what you see in the film was destroyed just a few days later.

Added "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1923), you can watch it here:

Silent romantic drama based on the classic novel by Victor Hugo about a deformed man, Quasimodo, who lives in Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Quasimodo is played by the American actor Lon Chaney, aka "the man of a thousand faces".

Added "The Ten Commandments" (1923), you can watch it here:

Cecil B. DeMille's original silent version of the Biblical book of Exodus is actually two films:

The first part is the well-known epic tale of the Jews' flight from Egypt. The second part is a low key modern drama about applying the commandments in everyday life.

DeMille remade it as a talkie in 1956, but dropped the modern drama section.

It's almost 2019, which will bring the first new batch of US public domain works in over 20 years:

This "public domain day" used to happen every year until 1998, when 20 years was added to copyright terms for no real reason other than that large companies like Disney wanted it.

Copyright currently lasts 95 years in most countries, but until the late 1970s it was 56 years, or even shorter if copyright wasn't actively renewed.

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