Added "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" (1946), you can watch it here:

Noir drama starring Barbara Stanwyck as a wealthy woman's niece, together with Kirk Douglas in his first film role.

The story by John Patrick was nominated for an Oscar.

Added "High School Big Shot" (1959), you can watch it here:

Drama about an intelligent teenager who sees his future slipping away due to his alcoholic father.

Featured on so-bad-its-good series in 1994, but since then the film has won some sincere fans online who argue it is actually a good movie.

Lead actor Tom Pittman was much in demand, but died suddenly in a car accident and this became his final film.

Added "Dating: Dos and Don'ts" (1949), you can watch it here:

For , here's a short instructional film that tells 1940s American teenagers how to go on a date.

Added "Three Guys Named Mike" (1951), you can watch it here:

Light romantic comedy, a newly-appointed air stewardess falls in love with three men named Michael.

Features extensive product placement for American Airlines.

Added "Let There Be Light" (1946), you can watch it here:

US Army documentary made by John Huston about soldiers with PTSD returning home from the Second World War.

Unfortunately, the army wasn't comfortable telling people about the terrible psychological price paid by those who fight wars. The film was banned, and not seen until the 1981 Cannes Film Festival.

Added "Attack of the Giant Leeches" (1959), you can watch it here:

Sci-fi horror B-movie set in the Florida Everglades. A local resident shoots a strange-looking monster in a swamp.

This is another cheerfully cheesy Corman brothers production 🎞️ 🍿

Added "Basic Brown, Basic Blue" (1969), you can watch it here:

Strange, fast moving stream-of-consciousness documentary about colours.

Directed and narrated by Homer Groening, father of "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening.

Added "The Big Show" (1936), you can watch it here:

Cowboy-themed musical starring Gene Autry as a fictional movie star, and as a fictional version of himself posing as the fictional movie star. (Yes, it is a bit "meta".)

Features appearances by a young Roy Rogers and Champion the Wonder Horse.

Added "Great Guy" (1936), you can watch it here:

The local head of the Weights & Measures department barely survives a murder attempt by organised crime. Jimmy Cagney stars as the junior official promoted to take the injured man's place.

Hollywood star Jimmy Cagney left Warner Brothers in 1935 due to a contractual dispute, moving to indie studio Grand National to make "Great Guy".

Added "Alike" (2015), you can watch it here:

Award-winning Spanish animated short about a father and son who live in a world without joy.

Added "Topper Returns" (1941), you can watch it here:

Supernatural comedy, a murdered woman's ghost asks a medium to help find her killer.

Based on the best-selling novels by Thorne Smith, produced by Hal Roach.

Added "Land and Live in the Jungle" (1944), you can watch it here:

Feature-length wartime documentary about how to survive in jungle environments.

It was originally intended for Allied air force crews, in case their plane crashed.

Added "The River" (1938), you can watch it here:

Award-winning Pare Lorentz documentary about the Mississippi river, featuring poetic narration and fine cinematography.

The focus is on how misuse of the land around the river caused flooding which in turn drove farmers into poverty.

Originally made for the US government to promote FDR's New Deal.

Added "Too Late For Tears" (1949), you can watch it here:

Film noir drama. A married couple are driving home when a passing car unexpectedly throws a large bag full of money onto their back seat.

Starring Lizabeth Scott and directed by Byron Haskin.

Added "Night Tide" (1961), you can watch it here:

Off-beat, surreal psychological thriller starring Dennis Hopper and Linda Lawson about a young sailor who meets a mysterious woman in a seaside bar.

Directed by Curtis Harrington.

Added "The Mystery of the Leaping Fish" (1916), you can watch it here:

Short silent comedy starring Douglas Fairbanks as detective "Coke Ennyday", who opens the film cheerfully injecting himself and has a big bucket labelled "cocaine" on his desk. Script by Tod Browning and Anita Loos.

As someone on put it: "This film probably single-handedly launched the war on drugs"

Added "Gamera, the Giant Monster" (1965), you can watch it here:

Japanese monster movie about a giant turtle woken from its Arctic slumber.

Also known as "Daikaiju Gamera", this is the original Japanese version with English subtitles.

Added "The Story of Stuff" (2007), you can watch it here:

Short documentary about manufacturing and how it relates to consumers, explained in straightforward everyday language.

This film was widely seen on first release, and caused quite a bit of discussion with many response videos made.

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