Does anyone know if there's an open source app that lets you easily browse video files on your computer sorted by genres, date of publication etc, with screenshots and a graphic interface?

(So, sort of like Netflix but offline and entirely on your own PC.)

@feoh @kinosocial Plex is not at all open source - but a cousin to the project is

@feoh @kinosocial But it sounds like Kodi might be more what you're looking for, it's wonderful - it just doesn't have the web streaming bits like plex/emby/jellyfin

@rekh127 @kinosocial Indeed Kodi may be more what you want and is pretty great.

@rekh127 @kinosocial Respectfully disagree. Plex is in fact open source and has an optional commercial service you can buy into if you want.

@feoh @kinosocial Thats not true. The plex client has some components that are open source because it's a fork from XBMC which became Kodi. The server componenet which is the core of it all, is not and never has been open source.

Kodi, plus something like mediaelch to organize files.

@kinosocial @alcinnz Maybe emby/jellyfin/whatever it’s called now? Though I think it needs net access to find synopses and everything.

@kinosocial kodi? But it needs to be at the internet to get info bout your local movie files though.

@kinosocial We used to use XBMC for that! It would read our video file collection and display it really nicely. Haven't used it for a few years now, but I'm sure it will still be an option.

@kinosocial Ah, I hear XBMC is now known as Kodi, so yeah, I second that rec. ^^

@kinosocial I use the KODI software installed on a Raspberry Pi 3. I then SSH from the Pi to my network attached storage on other machines and let the KODI software index and sort. You can sort by anything! Time, title, year released, actor, director, you name it!


That sounds good... it would be nice to have a little box that I could plug into the TV and watch stuff from.

Is it difficult to install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi?

@kinosocial Not at all, just go to the official Kodi website and download a disk image. Write the image to a 16 gig micro sd card, install the card in the Raspberry Pi and boot her up!


Can a hard disk be plugged into the Pi to store the videos on?

@kinosocial For the TV in our guest bedroom, we have another Kodi that simply connects to the main Kodi serve via ssh and guests can watch anything on my drive as well. I've had 4 Kodi units all streaming from the primary Kodi server without slowdowns or buffering!


Wow. Time to start saving up for a Pi then!

Thank you, that sounds like exactly what I was after.

@kinosocial Pi's are pretty cheap. Amazon is where I get mine and I usually only pay about $40 for them. A Pi 3 is best but my main Pi server is actually an older Pi 2. Make sure and get a Class 10 micro sd card from a reliable manufacturer, rather than a generic. Happy to help!

This is very good advice. Kodi is excellent and probably the best way to do what you're after. A Pi will work fine. I would also suggest looking at the Odroid HC1 or HC2 if you plan on hooking up a hard drive. It is much faster in terms of CPU, memory and network performance and is designed to fit an HDD/ssd in a neat package. It's not even any more expensive if you factor in having to buy an adapter or external enclosure which you need with the Pi.

@kelbot @GoatsLive

If I buy an external HDD with a USB 3 connector and plug it into the Pi, is that fast enough to play movies on?

Or is there some special way of connecting an HDD to a Pi?

@kinosocial @kelbot
This is the drive I have, though when I bought it, it was 1/2 the price! Anything with similar specs should be fine

Just for playing movies it will be fine. The main benefit to something like the odroid HC2 is a nice compact and tidy device with side benefits of much better performance vs an adequate pi with a mess of cables and power adapters.

@kinosocial and follow the instructions. Yes to the hard drive. I have a 5TB external drive plugged into my kodi, and have over 1000 movies and tv shows on it!

@kinosocial Just to pipe in on this: I like Plex less because I feel it likes phoning home more, but is sooo much easier to set up and than Kodi. I like Kodi on a theoretical level but it's kinda a nightmare to handle (e. g. movies/series/metadata not getting recognized, you need to "clean" the library manually after changing/deleting files etc).

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