Added "The Big Show" (1936), you can watch it here:

Cowboy-themed musical starring Gene Autry as a fictional movie star, and as a fictional version of himself posing as the fictional movie star. (Yes, it is a bit "meta".)

Features appearances by a young Roy Rogers and Champion the Wonder Horse.

@kinosocial Okay but you're missing the Greatest Gene Autry/Singing Cowboy movie of All Time.

I'm speaking, of course, of none other than The Phantom Empire (which, okay, it's a serial not a film, but still.)

I *think* I have an actually decent rip that's better than the one that's on

So i'll put it on and mirror it to peertube eventually.

But if you haven't seen it, you gotta.

@ajroach42 Sounds interesting :)

I'm still not sure whether to have serials on, but will have a think about it.

Serials are a complicated thing. Because most of them are bad, but also because they have more in common with TV than with film.

When I build these kinds of collections, I put them along side television (which is also where I put most (but not all) radio plays.

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