Added "The Story of Stuff" (2007), you can watch it here:

Short documentary about manufacturing and how it relates to consumers, explained in straightforward everyday language.

This film was widely seen on first release, and caused quite a bit of discussion with many response videos made.


Used this clip a lot in at my old work doing workshops with students about responsable consuption.
Nice to be able to see it without youtube. 😍


I hadn't seen it before, I like how clear and down to earth it is.

Having read about the backlash it caused at the time, I just don't understand where the more extreme critics are coming from.

It's not advocating anything particularly controversial, it's just saying we use too much stuff too quickly and we need to slow down a bit.

The backlash really feels like a "they doth protest too much" moment, the film must have really touched a nerve with some insecure people.

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