Added "The Ten Commandments" (1923), you can watch it here:

Cecil B. DeMille's original silent version of the Biblical book of Exodus is actually two films:

The first part is the well-known epic tale of the Jews' flight from Egypt. The second part is a low key modern drama about applying the commandments in everyday life.

DeMille remade it as a talkie in 1956, but dropped the modern drama section.

They filmed this movie where I live (Central Coast, California). So interesting, after they were done filming they blew up the film set with dynamite and buried it under the sand. Only recently within the past couple of years have they dug most of it up, and are planning on opening a small museum soon.



Great that they're saving it for posterity, I don't think the original filmmakers realised how valuable film history would become.

@kinosocial @MistahDarcy That's why they also destroyed a lot of old movies, because they were taking up valuable space in the vaults!

I love the burying the set in the sand. My recollection is that people forgot it was there. It was rediscovered sometime in the last ten years. Crazy!

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