is a quiet site where you can watch nice films without any distractions or tracking:

All of the movies are creative commons or public domain titles, embedded from either PeerTube or (There are no YouTube titles due to YT's invasive privacy policies.)

The selection is still very small as we've just started, and we're trying to avoid the "firehose" approach of

Post a reply if you have suggestions for films to be added.


I feel that firehose when I'm looking for stuff on the Archive. So many remixes, it's hard to find the originals sometimes.

I'll recommend the #publicdomain Superman cartoons and Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels if they make your curator's cut.


Added Gulliver's Travels:

It seems there are a lot of the Fleischer Superman cartoons, is there a particular one that stands out?


"The Mechanical Monsters" stands out for a few reasons and has been referenced in more recent media.

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