Pinned toot is a quiet site where you can watch nice films without any distractions or tracking:

All of the movies are creative commons or public domain titles, embedded from either PeerTube or (There are no YouTube titles due to YT's invasive privacy policies.)

The selection is still very small as we've just started, and we're trying to avoid the "firehose" approach of

Post a reply if you have suggestions for films to be added.

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You can find out more details or download any film on by clicking on the title under the video, which will take you to the relevant or PeerTube page.

On the download links are in a section on the right of the page.

On PeerTube the download links are in the "..." button next to the "share" button.

The attached images show you where to click 👀

With Alabama set to ban all forms of abortion (even in cases of rape and incest), this documentary gains new relevance:

"When Abortion Was Illegal" (1992)

Does anyone know if there's an open source app that lets you easily browse video files on your computer sorted by genres, date of publication etc, with screenshots and a graphic interface?

(So, sort of like Netflix but offline and entirely on your own PC.)

Atlantic Adventure is a comedy about a reporter.

Behind Green Lights, File on Thelma Jordon and Inner Sanctum are film noirs.

Fighting Lady is a WW2 documentary about an aircraft carrier.

St Louis Bank Robbery is a heist film starring Steve McQueen before he was famous.

Been away for a bit but am back now.

I've added a few more films to

Atlantic Adventure (1935)

Behind Green Lights (1946)

The Fighting Lady (1944)

The File on Thelma Jordon (1950)

Inner Sanctum (1948)

The St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959)
(This stars a then-unknown Steve McQueen!)

Really looking forward to the next Blender Open Movie!
This one is called 'Spring' and will release in just two days online!
Was a blast to follow its development through the weekly production logs and updates on the Blender Cloud.

Video credit goes to Francesco Siddi.

Added "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" (1946), you can watch it here:

Noir drama starring Barbara Stanwyck as a wealthy woman's niece, together with Kirk Douglas in his first film role.

The story by John Patrick was nominated for an Oscar.

Added "High School Big Shot" (1959), you can watch it here:

Drama about an intelligent teenager who sees his future slipping away due to his alcoholic father.

Featured on so-bad-its-good series in 1994, but since then the film has won some sincere fans online who argue it is actually a good movie.

Lead actor Tom Pittman was much in demand, but died suddenly in a car accident and this became his final film.

Added "Dating: Dos and Don'ts" (1949), you can watch it here:

For , here's a short instructional film that tells 1940s American teenagers how to go on a date.


Many thanks to the reader who pointed out there's also a Public Domain film list on PeerTube:

and there's lots of PD stuff being uploaded by the list maintainer:


Added "Three Guys Named Mike" (1951), you can watch it here:

Light romantic comedy, a newly-appointed air stewardess falls in love with three men named Michael.

Features extensive product placement for American Airlines.

Added "Let There Be Light" (1946), you can watch it here:

US Army documentary made by John Huston about soldiers with PTSD returning home from the Second World War.

Unfortunately, the army wasn't comfortable telling people about the terrible psychological price paid by those who fight wars. The film was banned, and not seen until the 1981 Cannes Film Festival.

Added "Attack of the Giant Leeches" (1959), you can watch it here:

Sci-fi horror B-movie set in the Florida Everglades. A local resident shoots a strange-looking monster in a swamp.

This is another cheerfully cheesy Corman brothers production 🎞️ 🍿

This is a really nice animated short from @blender called "Agent 327: Operation Barbershop":

(I didn't add it to as it's not a complete film in itself, it's more of a concept scene for a proposed feature film.)

Added "Basic Brown, Basic Blue" (1969), you can watch it here:

Strange, fast moving stream-of-consciousness documentary about colours.

Directed and narrated by Homer Groening, father of "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening.

Added "The Big Show" (1936), you can watch it here:

Cowboy-themed musical starring Gene Autry as a fictional movie star, and as a fictional version of himself posing as the fictional movie star. (Yes, it is a bit "meta".)

Features appearances by a young Roy Rogers and Champion the Wonder Horse.

Added "Great Guy" (1936), you can watch it here:

The local head of the Weights & Measures department barely survives a murder attempt by organised crime. Jimmy Cagney stars as the junior official promoted to take the injured man's place.

Hollywood star Jimmy Cagney left Warner Brothers in 1935 due to a contractual dispute, moving to indie studio Grand National to make "Great Guy".

Added "Alike" (2015), you can watch it here:

Award-winning Spanish animated short about a father and son who live in a world without joy.

Added "Topper Returns" (1941), you can watch it here:

Supernatural comedy, a murdered woman's ghost asks a medium to help find her killer.

Based on the best-selling novels by Thorne Smith, produced by Hal Roach.

Added "Land and Live in the Jungle" (1944), you can watch it here:

Feature-length wartime documentary about how to survive in jungle environments.

It was originally intended for Allied air force crews, in case their plane crashed.

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