You can now follow accounts from other Pixelfed instances! 🎉 🚀


@pixelfed How do we do it? There's a user I want to follow on another instance, but when I search on that user's URL and click the follow button on the search result, I get redirected to her profile but I don't see any confirmation that I follow her. 🤔 I'm on and she's on

@Antzee @pixelfed The trick for me was to do a Cmd/Ctrl + Click instead of a normal click in order to prevent the redirection. Weird behavior but it seems to work.

@kevinronceray @pixelfed This trick worked - I'm able to follow now, but pictures from other instances don't show up in my Home timeline, which I presume they should?


@Antzee @pixelfed Yes I guess it should. I haven't been able to check yet, since the people I follow from other instances didn't publish new post

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@kevinronceray @pixelfed A couple of the people I follow have posted yesterday, and I don't see their pictures.

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