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Un petit coup de vieux,
1995 - Faith No More - Ugly in the Morning

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Tweet de Daniel Gultsch (@iNPUTmice), à 8 sept. à 12:56 - Converse.js 4.0 is out and it’s beautiful. I had been looking forward to its release ever since @jcopkode showed me the development version at . Support for HTTP upload and OMEMO are great but it’s mostly the clean up look that will draw people to it.


Just finished installing , what an impressive work @eliotberriot !
Cheers 🍻 🎶

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à propos de la série docu sur Arte

« Aux origines des civilisations », une fiction au service de l'élite (par Ana Minski)


RT @anarchistquotes: It is the fundamental duty of the citizen to resist and to restrain the violence of the state.
-- Noam Chomsky

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Why do anarchists drink herbal tea? Show more

3 heures énergisantes pour accompagner la matinée “ 70 Flavors of Hardcore Punk From the 90s ” youtu.be/d8l1ySmTxe4

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"Open source projects: any project that uses a standard open source license and is non-commercial. It should not have paid support or paid contributors."

-- gitlab demonstrates ... something ... about their understanding of free software.

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This is a note to people moving their repositories blindly to Gitlab.org: do you know Google is actually a huge investor in Gitlab?

The issue is not about Microsoft buying Github. The issue is about centralization and silos.

You do not solve that by moving your data from one silo to another.

You solve that by relying on small providers you can trust, or by becoming a provider yourself.

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RT @Emma_Hollen@twitter.com: Good morning smart people! 😊
Avez-vous déjà vu un compteur binaire mécanique ?
Maintenant oui 😉

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Ça c'est fait ! (Via l'oiseau )

Un an de Macronie...

Any users running -sima?
I'm looking for feedback (run logs) to track down some bugs on large music library.
Curious users are welcome to test as well 😋

Hi @funkwhale ! Browsing the documentation I'm wondering if there are any plans to support protocol? Then could benefit from MPD's client ecosystem.

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A force de rogner les jours fériés, puis les week-end, il n'était plus nécessaire de faire la distinction.
Tous les jours étaient désormais des lundis.

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Wow, #purecss Francine is the new acid test. :mind_blown:

(Yes, that image is only made using #CSS)


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Je vous conseille vraiment de jouer avec ncase.me/crowds/
Ça aide à réfléchir à des formes d'actions politiques.