Times are stressful? You feel a bit gloomy, lonely at times? :/

Never forget that MUSIC 🎶 is the universal vibration 💓 in our hearts ❤️!

Today more than ever, the ParisDJs mixes/podcast is always, always, an excellent source for cool, warm, soulful stuff that will make you groove and smile! 💃 🕺 😋




BIG UP! to ParisDJs, to passionate musicians and to all that grooves! <3

Just discovering Vaporwave... Wow! This parodic anti-capitalist tone, lofi remix of pop culture elements, windows95-smooth-jazz and overall whackiness from Japan is wow! <3

Some of my favourite artists so far: NxxxxxS, Eyeliner, Phoenix #2772, Luxury Elite, PowerPCME, 2814...

(Album cover from
░▒▓【ALL CAPS AND αւτ kεÿ CΘᕸEᔕ™】░▒▓ - ひどく翻訳日本語の文字 [2013] [Album] )


For *these* moments in life...

... when you fee low...
... when nothing matters...
... when weather is sad...
... when your friends are not around...

... there is *always* DISCO!!!


[EN] I don't know if this record is "SFW" (sic) or not... Maybe with headphones?

[FR] Je ne sais si ce disque est "SFW"(sic) ou pas.. Peut-être avec un casque?



I still can't believe how many of these (60? 70?) I picked *for 1€* because the sleeve was missing!! So many Beatles, Doors, Hendrix, Bowie, Pink Floyd! even Zappa, Captain BeefHeart, Klaus Schultze! Wow. Best. Find. Ever. <3


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