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C'est aussi 2 ans après l'arrestation en Équateur d'Ola Bini, brillant chercheur et programmeur de logiciels de protection de la vie privée.

Ola a été emprisonné 70j pour avoir prétendument "piraté des serveurs du gouv" lol (pour pseudo-preuves: ses livres des clés USB.).

Il est dans les limbes juridiques, sans qu'aucune accusation formelle n'ait été formulée et des audiences toujours reportées.. Interdit de quitter le pays, qui vient d'élire président un banquier de droite :(

This is also the 2 years anniversary of the arrest of Ola Bini in Ecuador, brilliant researcher and programmer of privacy-enhancing software.

Ola was jailed 70 days for allegedly "hacking gov servers"
(lol) with risible pseudo-evidence (which books and a high-number of USB devices he owned..).

He is in legal limbo, with no formal accusation ever placed and hearings always postponed.. while banned from leaving Ecuador, who just elected a right-wing banker as new president. :(


Deux Ans après l'Arrestation d'Assange - Lundi Matin

"Nous avons plus que jamais besoin de tout l’écosystème d’information, de communication, de pensée critique, qui permet aux peuples d’accéder aux informations authentiques, d’échanger, de débattre, de demander des comptes à leurs gouvernants[...]

Le sort d’Assange et de WikiLeaks est intimement lié à cette possibilité là en France et de part le monde."


"Just came home from the pretrial. It’s been absolutely crazy - so many illegalities and rights violations. I’m honestly too fried to talk more now, but I’ll send out some more details and stories tomorrow."

"Once upon a time, it used to be quite easy for me to tell the difference between coincidence, incompetence and enemy action. After everything that has happened, this is no longer true, and I'm more and more finding myself assuming it's enemy action. It's a bit crazy."


Hackers, publishers, visionaries... incarcerated, harassed, tortured!

!! His persecution by Ecuador (and the US) is a disgrace!!


In a few hours the pretrial against me will resume. The only legal path would be for the judge to declare the process null and void because of all violations from the beginning (which the habeas corpus tribunal confirmed). However, we are not hopeful that this will happen."

Ola Bini is accused of "hacking" state infrastructure. "evidence" are books, a big number of USB devices and a screenshot of a *telnet* login prompt, saying "connection closed" (clearly no login attempt).

After 70d in the worst jail in Ecuador, he was prevented to leave the country for 1.5y, denied access to any data, or to challenge anything.

Trial has been postponed again and NO OBSERVER will be allowed? SRSLY?!

Parrallel w/ case is striking. Process as punishment..


's pre-trial session in has been suspended; it's now set for 16/12. Thursday's session was initially delayed as the legally-required translator was unavailable, on top of technical issues with the courtroom equipment and delays by the prosecutor's office.


"We have finally received notification about a date for my pre-trial. It will be on Dec 3, at 9:30am.
In Ecuador, the pre-trial happens before the trial. The parties will present arguments about violations of process, the prosecution will present a charge. 1/n
Sadly, we don't have much hope for this pre-trial. We expect more rights violations to occur, and that I will be forced to defend my innocence at trial. 6/6"

Assange in Court.

I was deeply shaken while witnessing yesterday’s events in Westminster Magistrates Court. Every decision was railroaded through over the scarcely heard arguments and objections of Assange’s legal team, by a magistrate who barely pretended to be listening.

6 months ago, Julian Assange was arrested. Since then his worst fears have been confirmed as he’s been accused of 17 charges of Espionage in the US, where he faces 175 years in prison. For journalism.

Don't extradite !

via Courage Foundation

Ecuador: Violent raid jeopardizes Ola Bini’s right to a fair trial

The raid carried out by the Attorney General’s Office on the home of Fabián Hurtado, the independent information technology expert witness in the case of digital rights defender Ola Bini, which resulted in the seizure of his electronic equipment, again caused great concern about the guarantee of a fair trial for Bini, Amnesty International said today.

Reformulation of charges in Ola Bini's case. The irregularities continue

"Ola Bini, free software activist, human rights defender and expert in digital security, is subject to a judicial process in Ecuador since April 2019. So far, a large set of organizations around the world have denounced that there is a political motivation in the accusation and that the case is marked by serious violations of due process..."

I wonder what is the most outrageous: that opening a telnet connection on such public IP can be considered evidence of Ola Bini "hacking" for sone Ecuadorian judge... or that Ecuadorian telecommunication infrastructure relies on machines with open telnet port? X((

(Well, I actually know for sure: )

Remember the prosecution "evidence" of Ola Bini "hacking" into Ecuadorian gov computers? That bogus screenshot of an opened telnet session, with no login?

Well... telnet and here you go! They left these machines open, on public IP... Is opening a telnet "hacking" srsly? Ridiculous! . Shame, Ecuador!

Ola Bini, arrested same day as , is accused of "alleged non-consensual access to computer & telco systems", and risks for 3-5y of jail in Ecuador... for wearing a t-shirt and connecting via telnet to a public IP address *without even trying to log in*...

Ola Bini was seen *wearing a Wikileaks t-shirt*, as part of the accusation against him.

This is part of an all out political persecution of anyone involved with Wikileaks. No justice in Ecuador it seems..

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