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Oops! Here is """evidence""" that Justice in Ecuador was "hacked"!!

(I didn't do it...)


Today is the hearing to reformulate the charges against Ola Bini. This is an illegal move that the Prosecution is doing even when 90+ organizations world wide denounce due process violations in the case. Why we allow this to happen?

Ola is finally free!


Now: next steps of properly defending him against these non-existent charges... <3

Prosecutors Threw the Book at Julian Assange. Here's How That Could Backfire

The Justice Department argues Assange is not a journalist. Journalism advocates say that makes the case even more dangerous, because the Espionage Act doesn’t differentiate between reporters and everyone else. That in turn means a successful prosecution of Assange will set the precedent for prosecuting journalists as spies down the road.


Julian Assange's full five-day extradition hearing will be in February 2020.

A British court on Friday set February 2020 as the date for the full extradition hearing on whether Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, should be sent to the United States to face a slew of charges, including several under the Espionage Act.

The Law Being Used to Prosecute Julian Assange Is Broken

"...the Assange prosecution looks more like an attack on core political speech protected by the First Amendment than a proper exercise of prosecutorial discretion. "

50 weeks of jail for . 1 year for "skipping bail" in the UK, while being arbitrarily detained for 7 years.... That should leave time for the US to further their persecution and extradition attempts .

If we let him be extradited to the US, it's potentially any journalist, any activist, any troublemaker that could follow...

Donc, c'est confirmé. Voici la preuve que les US veulent pour "obtention et dissémation d'informations confidentielles" (journalisme, quoi), dans le cadre de l'"Espionnage Act" de 1917 (pour lequel les sanctions vont jusqu'à la peine de mort...).

Même si vous n'aimez pas le type, s'il n'est pas parfait, si vous pensez qu'il a pu dire ou faire des conneries, il est tout de même moment de le soutenir.

Ola Bini’s statement from arbitrary detention at El Inca Prison, Ecuador :


The Chaos Computer Club demands

* the immediate release of Chelsea Manning
* the immediate release of Ola Bini
* an immediate stop of any plans to extradite Julian to the U.S., where he would not face fair trial

We call for citizens, journalists and European governments to stand in solidarity.

Hey Moreno! We got it: If one is smart, computer-savvy, caring about freedom and privacy, building useful free/libre software to survive authoritarian regimes, they should avoid going to Ecuador! Now Free!!!

Free Chelsea Manning!
Free Assange!
Free Ola Bini!

This witch hunt against truth-teller must end!

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