My all time favourite point'n'click adventure games (limited to those playable in ScummVM for obvious reasons ;) ) in no particular order:

* Secret of the Monkey Island
* Day of the Tentacle
* The Dig
* Flight of the Amazon Queen
* Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
* Beneath a Steel Sky
* Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

(yes it's a majority of LucasArts....)

How come i had never played "Flight of the Amazon Queen" before?

It's now one of my favourite point'n'click adventure games!

Released in 1995 for Amiga and DOS(+CDRom!), it became "freeware" in 2004 and thus playable with ScummVM \o/ where it can be downloaded today, also packaged in Debian <3

Perfect mix of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones (FoA) and The Dig! Wonderful decors, funny dialogues, not too difficult. A true gem! <3

, intermediate level (lessons learned over the years):

1/ Kimchify ALL THE THINGS! srsly! Any crunchy, old veggie, stems of stuff..

2/ Put TONS of chili.. if you like it. It's also fine without.

3/ You can make amazing kimchi without "fish sauce". I use soy sauce. You can vary your paste greatly. Experiment!

4/ Adding a goo of rice flour (1 spoon+10cl water, to a boil, then cooled) makes paste "pastier"

5/ Stuffing of jar is key. Small pieces on side to make it packed.

Personl lessons from baking sourdough (beginner, 5th batch):

🏅 It's fun and immensely rewarding!

🍼 Care about your starter, but also be relaxed about it. Can leave it in the fridge a few days.

🥖 Change/mix flours

⏳ Proving time matters. Not absolute. Experiment with your own conditions. Too much = too big, non-homogeneous "bubbles".

🔥 You need a good oven, starting as hot as you can.

👍 This guy's method is a good start:

Lessons from nixtamalization/tortilla-making (some learned from looking at Mexican abuelitas! <3):

1/ you need a press. 2nd hand or DIY. use plastic sheets.

2/ 400g corn kerns (with 8g "cal") cooked 45m + steeped overnight, once rubbed off their skin = 600g wet corn. adding water and grinding = about 750g "masa". = 20 coarse/thick tortillas.

3/ the rubbing/peeling takes lots of effort. multiple rinse worked for me.

4/ meat-grinder works.

5/ shaping+pressing goes along cooking 2 tortillas.

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After 7y in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he got gradually locked down (communications cut, visitors banned, etc.), just spent 1y in a maximum security prison, along with terrorists and mass murderers.

He is not violent yet has been denied bail, or to sit by his lawyers during his mock-trial of an extradition hearing, locked in a glass box..

Such treatment amounts to torture (according to UN special rapporteur).. for revealing war crimes!

One year ago today, Ecuador sold Julian to the US by revoking his political asylum+citizenship, and inviting UK police in its embassy.

For releasing "Collateral Murder", the Irak and Afghanistan warlogs in coordination with , he is accused in the US of espionnage, faces 175y in jail.

We must not let him be extradited!

If he goes, intl. balance of power, our models of human rights and free press +our capacity will be durably harmed.

10 years ago WikiLeaks published "Collateral Murder", the brutal murders of civilians in Iraq by "dudes" acting like in a video game.. part of a series of releases that forever changed our view of the war.

Today, rots in jail, particularly vulnerable to with chronic lung illness, awaiting extradition in the US where he faces 175y for these uncompromising acts of journalism.

Time to tell that story again!

A friend -new to Super Mario!- just made me realize that Mario:

- kills all life where he goes
- destroys parts of the land around
- collects all natural resources (gold) to extend his life
- pretexts that the indigenous would have kidnapped his artistocratic friend, but she is never to be found..
- claims that the land/world is his (by puting his name on it: "Super Mario Land"!)

Does it remind you of someone(s)?

What would YOU do if you were in the place of the indigenous?

The white part of this graphics is the amount of fresh air becoming available for every form of life on Earth...



Judge Trenga has declared the grand jury ENDED & Jeremy RELEASED from his contempt!

Sadly, this doesn’t mean total freedom, but it does mean he can return to the BOP to finish serving his time, which is a step closer to freedom!

More info & statement soon.


"WikiLeaks is a formidable tool of collective empowerment. This is why governments are shit scared of WikiLeaks and why they are applying such brutality on our friend Julian Assange, and all he's ever said and done, all he's ever stood for."—@jerezim

ASSANGE EXTRADITION: Interview With J.Zimmermann, Collaborator and Friend, on the 2012 Assange TV series, spoke to CN Live! outside Assange’s courthouse about the miscarriage of justice inside.

Want to help with ' defense? Try and help make sense of this mockery of justice? Enlarge the focus on all it entails about WikiLeaks, a free Internet and our right to information?

Consider participating in gardening this wiki:

We must leave traces of what is happening, for everyone to understand. For the present and for the future. For History...

So much admiration for the amazingly courageous people camping in front of the Whoolwhich/Belmarsh court where parody-trial is happening this week!

Occupy Belmarsh! It feels like this self-organized network of survival and support makes so much more sense than anything happening behind the fence! With solidarity, more than legalese we will win! <3

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