Jérémie Zimmermann 🎵 💾 ⁉ <3

How much I like the concepts, the the spirit and the code of itself, the absence of full-text search in toots is such a show-stopper for me... :/

Stuff I see pass from the corner of my eye and that I am unable to find again (end up looking for it in f#@$ twitter!), stuff I remember seeing times ago... stuff I want to keep an eye on (and where people not always use hashtags)..

Hope this gets improved sometimes... <3

@jz yeah, same for Diaspora, even for posts I wrote. I end up bookmarking my own posts :D

@jz Yes, this makes Mastodon unsuitable for following current events, or technologies, for instance.

The fact that you cannot even search your own toots also make it unsuitable for PKM (Personal Knowledge Management). Mastodon is more like IRC than like Twitter.

@jz @bortzmeyer Hey, I often find myself grepping through IRC logs to look for things I know I've seen mentioned months ago. So in that regard, even IRC is more useful than Mastodon.

@galaxis @jz May be using the API to keep a log of all your toots? (I don't know if the API allows to retrieve everything in your timeline.)

@bortzmeyer @tom79 includes a backup toot functionnality (beta) in its last release. So it seems possible :) ( 💤 )
@galaxis @jz

@jz @bortzmeyer All your own posts are retrievable, see mastodon-backup by @kensanata at github.com/kensanata/mastodon-

There's also at least one instance that allows full-text search on the Postgres DB through a minor extension, but I don't currently remember which one that was...

@galaxis @jz @bortzmeyer @kensanata at some point groups are planned as a feature which would make this a lot better. I know what you mean as I wanted to find one of my own toots of illustrating some self modifying code on Z80 but didn't hashtag it correctly so its down the rabbithole now..

@bortzmeyer @jz I think this is more of an anti-harassment feature. Avoids people easily searching for topic X and then targeting the users who mention it. You can still use other tools to search through public posts.

@bob @bortzmeyer That's precisely my point: If it is meant to "protect" then it could be tragically counter-productive (as anyone can actually search with a little bit of effort) like "security through obscurity"... when a protective default, *teaching about the implications of publications, etc.* but with the ability for anyone to *choose* to publish content searchable for everyone may turn Mastodon into a tool useful for more than chitchat (research, watch and the such)...

@jz @bortzmeyer Yes, having search as an admin option would make sense, although frustrating research of the fediverse might be a feature. I like the idea of these spaces being contextual and therefore difficult to totalize - similar to Scuttlebutt.

On the protection point I assume that Twitter trolls operate mainly in the most knuckle-dragging manner with no technical sophistication, just by searching for topics or users and then dog-piling them.
@jz @bortzmeyer I think it would be nice if the primary way of searching the fediverse was via having real social relations, rather than being able to bypass social relations with technical methods. It could be argued that the technical bypass of the social is one of the main problems with the centralized social networks.

@bortzmeyer #mastodon Nothing is perfect, but at least you can search for your own toots.

@Italcaus Doesn't work. (Zero results for "@bortzmeyer bgp" and I wrote many toots about BGP)

@bortzmeyer All your toots found but not sorted using a specific topic

I guess you could query the database for it as an admin or build a tool around this, but that's not really convenient.
reading the rest of the thread: the UI of Mastodon really describes things in a way they are not. For example if you opt-out elsewhere, there is no X-No-Archive we agreed on in federation, so it'll be public and indexed elsewhere.


One thing that particularly peeves me is when people link to an article - usually I open the article right away but can't read it right now.
And when I find time to read it, often I want to comment one or another particular aspect, but the original toot is drowned under a zillion toots and there's no practical way to find it....

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