One still have to convince me that one or a few people deciding that a whole bunch won't be able to access another bunch's public expression (even if some of it is detestable) is not "censorship"...

@jz The simple answer is that there's a _really_ small barrier to change your server, especially at the moment, so the decision to not federate isn't deciding that you the user can't access the other server, it's saying "if you're gonna check out that to me detestable thing, use someone elses server to do it".

@pettter @Serenity.

Yes, I mostly agree. Yet, it still doesn't mean it is not censorship. I don't mean it's illegitimate in any case, as it can be a consented decision.

I just think it is something heavy, depriving people of freedom of expression or information. Usually done by gov. or judicial (in which case there are ways of recourse and transparency.). now it's in hands of admins. Consequences in terms of abuse (and disproportionality) can be huge.

@jz C'est un paradoxe, c'est pour ça que c'est compliqué. Mais c'est pas un paradoxe abstrait ou théorique, on connaît l'effet des trolls néonazis sur la liberté d'expression des réseaux sociaux. On a 4chan reddit twitter et facebook comme expériences déjà. La modération est à la fois "irréconciliable avec" et "nécessaire à" la liberté d'expression, en gros.

@jz My simple answer would be, as an instance administrator, to : 

@jz My simple answer would be, as an instance administrator, to : 

@jz on the other hand, allowing one people to block a whole bunch of others on its own is not attempting to the whole bunch of others freedom of speech. It's simply exercising one's freedom of not being obliged to listen to the whole bunch of others' free speech.

(Autorisons les utilisateurs à bloquer des instances)


My 2 cents:

I think it’s all about choice and having multiple views of the same world, eg one may want to have accounts on different instances so one can interact with different people depending on their current mood or what they want to share, and how, with whom.

Also I think censorship happens at an official level (government or such) makes the concept illegal (which filtering does not) and attempts to remove the source (while blocking in this context only removes the copy).

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