Jérémie Zimmermann 🎵 💾 ⁉ <3

It seems like it would be a very simple patch to Mastodon:

Assign a specific CSS class to Direct messages, and make them appear on a background of a different colour.

It is intimidating and somehow misleading to you see your DMs appear in your "Home" timeline. May discourage some from using the function...

Or should we just wait until DMs are on their own dedicated column..?

@jz I believe that DM functionality in the web client is perfect.

@jz When you click on a toot, open in another column. I've clicked back 1000+ times in the last week.

@jz mention @Gargron for suggestions like this (or even better, open a github issue ;-))

@jz having its own column would make sense, as Mastodon is getting more and more users, the global feed won't be possible to follow very quickly and could be replaced by DM. But I like the CSS idea.

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