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Jérémie Zimmermann 🎵 💾 ⁉ <3 @jz

So we must now follow as many people as we can, from as many instances as possible, in order to see more (and test the load)?

Mastodon: Make Follow Great Again!

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@jz C'est un test de charge en fait :)

@jz mmm, not sure I want to test the load yet ;) take you time and just enjoy the place everyone _o/ \o_

@vincib not sure you have much of a choice here, buddy! ;)) we're all with you!

All glory to @vinci@mamot.fr, our Glorious Admin! mamot.fr/media/_WCmQdYw5zRTuXk

@jz mon premier "toot bookmark" pour le jour (prochain) où on en aura besoin : Tuning Mastodon github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

@jz Or just follow the people you want to read, and trust other people on the same instance to bring interesting stuff on the federated timeline.

@jz If you don't follow anyone, you still have the public TL