A lot can be said about moxie's web3 post.

I'd like to consider just one sentence here.

"People don’t want to run their own servers, and never will."

First part is true. But why?

Even my grandma can install android apps. Apps have become so easy because big tech pushed for it to be. Big tech never developed the concept of set-top box-like homeservers, not in their interest. If pushed like apps, homeservers would be easy too!

People don't want to? They never were given a proper chance to!

@yarmo Never given a chance is true. But this doesnt change the fact that (now - at this time) they dont want to.

Managing traffic to get to your server, setting up your security and organizing your incoming / outgoing, setting up OS and applications, maintaining, updating, resolving dependencies, ensuring proper uptime, paying the bills for hardware, power and services, etc. etc...

Why would anyone want to when they could just push a button on their phone?

@Ged @yarmo

An infuriating points in M's take:

There is either *the user*, alone, individual, in their corner, or...

*the corporation*, benevolent like Signal Corp., making for everyone the choices of "easy" (to the detriment of anonymity/pseudonimity, decentralization, empowerment, etc. cf. mamot.fr/@jz/10040650553305833 ).

It is some hyper-capitalist bullshit myth!

"User" is not alone! they have a family, a crew, association, neighborhood, municipality.

At all these levels we can mutualize!

@jz you're so right. Only, its not that easy. From my first hand experience:

After WhatsApp revised their pri. pol. last year, I've been raging for people to move to a free alternative. Ive written blog posts, moved my family to XMPP, done YouTube videos on "free" chat programs and so on...

Want to know what I accomplished? Nothing. No one cares... Not only that, people think I'm exaggerating and continue using WA.

It may be my failure, but this is not a one way highway...



@Ged @yarmo

Also we need to ebrace "failure". For often the definition of "success" is owned by our opponents and their cybernetic machines that count everything on Earth. Let's aim for quality not quantity!

"Failing" at getting quantity at anything is a step towards learning how to do it better, even if only for ourself.

Here again the main objective is to not *let ourselves be discouraged* by the machines-and-their-numbers of our opponents, who tell us when we "succeed" and when we "fail"!

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