"One toot a day keeps the tw*tter away"

-Fediverse proverb


"That which does not tweet us makes us tooter"

- Fediverse Proverb

@jz love the proverb!

PS. The only issue with this toot is that the number of emoji's in it are horror for #blind or vision impaired folks #accessibility-wise (using a #screenreader).

You might want to create a nice image tile instead with #captions added.

Maybe we can brainstorm some more beautiful #FediverseProverbs like this :)


Alright. Let's kick this off..

"Toots speak better than tweets"

"A tweetbird can't change its spots" (relevant with masto editing coming)

"All that glitters is not tweets"

"Always put your best toot forwards"

"Among the blind the fedizen is king"

"As you toot, so we shall boost"

"Beauty is in the eye of the booster"

"Tweets killed the cat"

#delightful #FediverseProverbs


cc @bhaugen this could be another use case of - in this case - proverbs automatically collected murmurations-wise.


"Don't bite the toot that feeds you"


(Damn, this is fun :toot: and I should do other things really)

@jz oh I really like the censored versions of these big players names. I recently started to mainly write F***book, if i have to. 😏 Makes the dirtiness more visible imo.

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