Me, 1991:

Woaaa! Robots are cool! 🤖 👍

Me, 2021:

Figuring out that I am asked by a robot (a web server) to prove that I am NOT a robot, and that I can't as it would imply to execute javascript code from a company (Google) that I block because -among others- it helps guide US killer-robots to their targets (project Maven), it owns dozens of drone companies and the patent portfolio of Boston Dynamics... 💣 💥 🤯

@jz google maps was originally project keyhole and provided to google by Gilman Louie. Google maps tools are provided back to the dod on a bices contract to quickly fuse drone and satellite imagery in the field for fast reaction target drone strikes, very likely including the one recently carried out in Kabul. So yes, more than you may already know...

@jz @jeffcliff It was coded in 6502 assembly :(. Need to upgrade it with an AI coprocessor to pass this test. Some captcha are so unreadable that AI using deep learning have more chance to decode them than humans ^^.

@jz We need a variant : "Select all squares that match the label: terrorists" and dump drone footage X_X

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