fiddling with some #postmarketOS builds on my #oneplus6 this weekend. I will admit that my device I'm testing on is not 100% mature hardware support wise, but seriously what were the #phosh people thinking?

its gnome 3 all over again as far as usage paradigm

@SciencePhysicist If you're not happy with Phosh you can consider #PlasmaMobile, or if you're adventerous and not scared to try something totally different #sxmo.


@SciencePhysicist @postmarketOS

Tired of mobile interfaces trying to look like Andr*id or iph*ne?

Curious of some other paradigm, bringing mobile computing back in the users' hands?

Fond of minimalism, hackability and resource frugality?

If you are not afraid of configuration files, and spending the time it takes to make things work for you.....?

Then sxmo is made for you!

The 1337 hacker's mobile environment that will make your nerd friends drool in envy! ;)))

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