OK let's also make a colour together... in a *substractive* way

(and with checkboxes instead of radio buttons...)! :)


Interestingly, and against all odds, the one that 1/ was CMYK (substractive synthesis) 2/ was based on checkboxes instead of radio buttons, so overall a much less limited gamut....

.... is the one much closer to GRAY! haha

* C: 37%
* M: 45%
* Y: 42%
* K: 36%

Or, according to Gimp:

* R: 102.8
* G: 89.8
* B: 94.7


Some sorte of red-ish taupe-gray...?

I guess different moods, at different times, produce different colour-sensus...?

Suggested name: "Taupiverse"

@mmu_man @jz oh my, yes. We should make it a recurring thing. Every December do a long-running poll, and then in January announce the Mastone® shade for the year!


Taupe-de-la-mort-qui-tue-sous-le soleil-du-chat-puisque-printemps puisque-la-taupe-m-a-tué (2021)

@jz Of course, now the question is: what color would the Fediverse choose in HSV space?

You mean people choses colour according to their mood and not at random ? That looks strange to me as I cannot see correlation between mood and color :-)

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