Language/Mental Hack #423

Zealot speculators of crypto-currencies like to call their assets/obsessions "crypto".

It is misleading, as "" usually means "", a useful science! It therefore brings confusion, associating cryptography with the speculative gambling of a few privileged people.

I decided that to balance that, i would only refer to "crypto-currencies" as "currencies", in order to emphasize their monetary/financial nature.

Words matter.

@jz except they are not currency either. They are far too volatile to be used as a decent store of value (except for gambling extra money you can afford to loose)

@RaphJ well they are more just "currencies" than they are just "crypto" somehow... and the idea is here to reverse that language fallacy of calling them by one half of the word they are usually descrbied by.... but you're point is right indeed, to be precise they maybe should be called "volatile virtual spectulative casino tokens" or something like this? ;)

@RaphJ casi-currency! (which sounds almost like "quasi-currency" ;)))

@jz I totally agree and been saying this for a while now, lol. I wish they'd stop calling cryptocurrency as "crypto"! Someone made some pins for Defcon one year saying #CryptoMeansCryptography , but I did not go so didn't get one.

@jz Bingo. Needs to be said. When a millennial asked me to tell him what I know about "crypto", I started into symetric & asymetric differences. He had this confused look on his face. So I slowed down, to try to work out what he wasn't picking up on, and he eventually stopped me to say he meant "#cryptocurrency". I was a bit frustrated that the discipline had been hijacked.

triple your police attention by labelling yourself "crypto hacker" :-)


"I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as "crypto", is in fact, "crypto-currencies", or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, "ponzi plus currencies". crypto is not a casino scam unto itself, but rather another scientific component of a fully functioning free society..."

@jz I don't like the villification of cryptocurrencies here (it has it's uses), but I am bothered by this terminology issue.

Relatedly: I think it's wrong for Ruby to call it's key-value mappings "hashes", also because devs using your language shouldn't have to know how you've implemented datastructures!

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