5d into using the ++PhoSh.

I made it mine through:

* "bricking" it (it is very HARD to _actually_ brick as it boots in priority from a micro-SDcard.. and the issue was documented)
* trying 10+ OSes on it
* apt dist-upgrade
* apt install stuff
* editing config files and boot loader with vi
* querying the baseband
* adding custom script in /usr/local/bin
* importing data through NextCloud

I feel that joy, curiosity and excitement i didn't feel in computing for a while!

The dirtiest of them all tricks... to import my contacts from previous system:

* sudo apt install evolution
* evolution
* click click import click click VCF
* "OK"
* file/quit
* sudo apt remove --purge evolution


Also libre:

* making a backup of the whole system from my laptop using (a 8Mb image turning the pinephone into a USB key... and) dd

Also, even if I really love and and want to keep trying on making them fit for my daily use, I must say my heart goes for... sxmo! SuckLess+Mobile!

A tiled window manager, controlled through click/double-click/triple-click of the 3 hardware buttons + gestures.. on top of alpine/PostMarketOS.. how more 1337 can it be?

was able to make/receive calls. send/receive SMS (composing them in vi, yay!), activate wifi, browse the web, upgrade, etc..

@jz hopefully that will improve when #gnome #contacts supports the feature to import contacts from files, it is being worked on:

@maryjane @jz I'm actually using Evolution... it's not that bad? Certainly way better than Gnome cal/contacts rn, although they look *sooo* much nicer.

@douginamug @maryjane I am not judging or anything... ;) i am more a mutt user at heart... havent tried yet mutt-on-a-tiny-screen-and-software-keyboard.... yet the pinephone keyboard is coming, so.... <3

@jz @douginamug @maryjane Seriously, people need to stop building staggered keys on custom keyboards like this xD

@douginamug @jz the "problem" that is not such a problem, is that Evolution was not designed to run on a 5 inch display from a mobile device like a #librem5 or a #pinephone.

So you use it you need to use it in landscape mode and likely to use gsettings to scale evolution to fit the screen.

And the menu buttons will likely be small.

While gnome contacts, geary, are already adaptive (calendar and to do not yet)

@douginamug @jz As for personal preferences, like evolution a lot.
There is a thrend of slitting the tasks that evolution does in smaller apps. Geary for mail, gonme calendar for well calendars, to do for tasks, and gnome contacts for PIM, while all these also use Evolution data server as a backend.

But for me that is just a personal preference,for me, feature wise Evolution mail is second to none, of those apps (geary, calendar, etc), with the possible exception of: To Do

Thanks, for later reference ^^^^ #importContacts #vcf #evolution #phone #contacts #VCFFile

Really wish that searching multiple hashtags worked. *sigh* Thanks again.

@jz <3

I'd go for rsync to have incremetal backups. But yeah, it's sweet!

@rysiek This is just my "base image" that I would flash fresh if shit goes wild, in the place of the default mobian image... (also i pipe dd in xz to save space)

Then for the rest yeah i would do rsync of some data... and/or i probably will do an encrypted /home on a microSD, and back that up.

point is: about all you're used to on your gnu/whatever or even whatever/whatever environment applies here!


@jz @rysiek and since it's a _device_ - not only does dd work, but so does rsync (when mounted.)

So both work (:

(I think the developer of that rescue item is also on the Mastofedidoniverse.)

I made an image with of the original image that came with my pinephone, put it on an sd, and upgraded _that_ item first to see if it improved things before doing it on the internal storage. I like that I can boot from sd _or_ the internal storage, and it's available via standard means without lots of silly hacks.

I just needed it to be a bit more 'ready for production' than it was when I got it almost a year ago; and I also wanted more time and energy to mess with it; didn't have it, still don't, bah work ):

However enough folks have them on the fediverse that I'm able to get updates (:

@jz For maintenance all the parts are available and for battery it's compatible with that of the samsung j7. :)

@jz ... and this was ALSO my choice, and I was very impressed with it - even went so far as to do some fiddling with his custom build of the keyboard item. Going to have to mess with it a bit more, so long as I can get the tethering, use a shell, read/send sms's, and make calls, I'm set (:

@jz even tho I don't care about smartphones for daily use.. I'm kinda curious about the PinePhone

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