Now seriously considering as a DISEASE.

Symptoms include:

* addiction to constant immediacy
* inability to formulate dispassionate, benevolent, open-minded speech
* frustration, anger
* disproportionate exposure to US politics and views

@jz This is common background on twitter, I agree. At least a trend we are encouraged to follow up. (I hope I'm not bringing those with me now.)


I think part of it baked into:

1/ the business-plan relying on network effect to achieve economic growth

2/ the format + interface (especially on mobile), based on mechanisms of addiction, exploiting the reward mechanisms of the brain to keep ppl on the hook

3/ algorithms promoting content triggering the highest emotional response (ie. polarizing)

4/ a toxic culture originating or not from Silicon Valley tech-elite, normalizing self-promotion and "personal branding"

@jz What you say makes already a lots of sense to me and it sure is documented by now (this kind of information is crucial to me). I was discussing "anarcho-capitalism" this morning with my mother ^^ wich relates to 4/ I think. Bad stuff here...

@jz In part 2/, I see a strong connection with "freemium" gaming but social network is also very competitive... And to stay healthy, I generally think this is clearly not transparent. :) (sorry I mess up a bit with your points but I do agree with the statements you have made)

Have you just read "Hooked" 😅

But I do agree

I worry that at least some of these patterns have been baked in to Mastodon as well. It's hard to break out of the mold by immitating it.

That said, I also see patterns in the fediverse which are antithetical to some of these Twitter symptoms.

@jz Fascinating: In recent weeks I was looking at an old twitter account I used to use; I had followed accounts of moderate interest.

I was surprised to see how much US politics content was in the timeline, given this was hardly an emphasis in my "follows". I started turning off retweets and unfollowing, but it made no difference. The other day I tried tweetdeck, which limits posts to those actually followed and their reweets. Turns out 90% of the crap was injected by twiiter into the timeline.

@kino @jz for some years I've been only looking at the notifications page:

I have this one bookmarked, so I only see mentions. I probably miss things but I avoid wasting hours before wondering why I went there in the first place.

I already spend too much time in Mastodon anyway 😄

@kino @jz Same for Facebook, looking only at the notifications helps limit the amount of time and attention wasted there, while keeping contact with those still in their bubble.

@kino @jz est-ce que je système twitter ne serait pas en grande partie auto-entretenu par les mécanismes automatiques ? Autrement dit, que les fakes news en grande partie amplifiées par des tas de bots et twitter lui-même ? Est-ce qu'un moyen de contrôle ne serait pas d'imposer aux plates-formes la responsabilité éditoriale des journaux ?

@kino @jz ne suffirait-il pas pour les états d'imposer aux plate-formes cette responsabilité éditoriale encadrée étroitement par la loi pour qu'ils soient obligés de payer une armée de modérateurs qui leur coûteraient vraiment beaucoup en hommes et en dédommagements potentiels ?

@kino @jz qu'est-ce que nous attendons pour introduire les actions en justice pour cela ? Cela peut nous coûter en avocat mais 10 fois plus encore à ces plate-formes qui utilisent des cabinets très chers. Et cela mettrait la presse de notre coté et peut-être le public

@jz I wrote something decent, in French, against social media in general :

A few caveats : I don't mention IRC, and someone has been confused because for her IRC was a "social media".

The construction should be improved, I didn't really draft a plan, the conclusion is longer than important ideas it's mixed with, and it may be too radical against Mastodon, at least with years of experience with this software, but I still think it's worth publishing

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