Sauerkraut - S01E01

First success ever with Sauerkraut (this time curiosity didn't kill the lact!), first batch with new dedicated hardware <3

Epic SUCCESS!! \o/

Maybe a bit too salty (was just 2%, between the 1.5%-2.5% bracked usually considered the safest, will lower in next attempt), and maybe a little bit too much of these spices (black, red pepper + cumin), but overall AMAZING! So crunchy and rich in taste! And that *juice* hmmmm!!

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Salut, tu l'as eu où la jarre ? C'est en quelle matière ? Merci

@jz @rysiek when you mash the cabbage does it release enough liquid to cover it or do you have to add liquid?

Was ist das denn bitte für ein Gemüse bitte und wachst du damit 🙄

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