Ola Bini is accused of "hacking" state infrastructure. "evidence" are books, a big number of USB devices and a screenshot of a *telnet* login prompt, saying "connection closed" (clearly no login attempt).

After 70d in the worst jail in Ecuador, he was prevented to leave the country for 1.5y, denied access to any data, or to challenge anything.

Trial has been postponed again and NO OBSERVER will be allowed? SRSLY?!

Parrallel w/ case is striking. Process as punishment..

@jz Ah, it is a white man! Hence all the ruckus. No media would give a damn if he wasn t white.

@carl @jz from the perspective of an anti-racist who wants to learn more about non-white hackers, can you tell me about non-white hackers who received similar treatment? It's true, I can also only think of white men, except @xychelsea maybe, though she was thought cis when the media started talking about her, so it doesn't disprove the point. Are there others? Let's make their cases more popular.

@compl4xx @jz @xychelsea You see, it is not my duty to educate you about Black hackers. You can easily do this yourself if you really want to learn more about non-white hackers 🙂 . Of course only, if you are ready to live the anti-racist perspective.

@carl @jz good point :) thought you might have a starting point, but I will look myself.

@jz C'est pour un scenario de film de SF ?

J'dis ça car tout à l'air vraiment tricoté et fabriqué à la main. Ça pue la fabrication de preuves bidons à plein nez.

Il manque plus "qu'ils" le travaillent aux armes psychotroniques pour lui faire dire des choses qu'il n'aurait jamais dit sans cela, le tout remixé avec un peu de deep fake, et là c'est même plus de la SF mais la fabrication d'un univers parallele, c'est presque aussi fort qu'une religion et son bouquin de base.

Damn, I've done far worse with telnet! (perform some rudimentary email commands to see if a certain mail server will accept email for a given user)

It's so scary that basic knowledge about how stuff like this works is absent in the judicial system.

@kingannoy If it was just a problem of competence, he wouldn't have spent 70d in jail or be denied every right and to leave Ecuador since...

In cases of political persecution, the alleged infraction is a pretext. If it wasn't for a telnet it would have been something else..

This is sometimes called "parallel construction", a judicial case pieced together to attempt to make match to actual objectives (most of the time politically motivated) cf. Assange's "conspiracy for hacking"

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