Greenwald: My Resignation From The Intercept

"The same trends of repression, censorship and ideological homogeneity plaguing the national press generally have engulfed the media outlet I co-founded, culminating in censorship of my own articles."

"our culture is demanding more and more submission to prevailing orthodoxies imposed by self-anointed monopolists of Truth and Righteousness, backed up by armies of online enforcement mobs"

@jz and combined with giving interviews to Tucker Carlson, I'm not sure what is going on there...

@marcel well his interview with Carlson was great, and key to convince some right-nutters they should stand with Assange. very strategic I may say.

The truth is: The Intercept turned into something else, close to what it was created to combat. The Reality Winner debacle is only one of the sources they blew over time. The shutdown of Snowden Archive? excuse me??

And now GG cannot report on Biden because everyone in NYC office is partisan? that's a lot..

@jz I would humbly suggest that if there is ever a time to be partisan for a shitty Democrat, it is now. I would be, if I were a US Citizen.

@marcel they were saying the exact same to get HClinton elected.... Like they can't admit that both can be equally corrupt and dangerous....

And *even though* it was the case, would that justify to censor honest, independant investigative journalist? Is that the values of the "democratic" party?

@jz in 2016 the threat of a Trump Presidency was merely theoretical. Imagine the damage he would do if he is reelected.

I think under the circumstances the modus operandi has to be changed from "usual democratic debate" to "shit, first let's elect the only available chance to getting back to reasonable and predictable standards - and after archieving this, let's work on making things better".

Sometimes choices in politics become fundamental, and you have to take them step by step.




1/ "change from democratic..." is a NO. period.

2/ if more Trump means:
- more hardship within the US that prompts more organization of converging social movements
- still no more new wars in the rest of the world (how many would have Clinton started at this stage? Iran, etc.?)
- more loss of influence for the US worldwide as nobody can take the clown seriously

what you call "reasonable and predictable standards" are endless wars, exploitation and fuckery.

..but really: 1/.

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