Opinion: #uk court taking months to release decision on #assange extradition to let people forget about the case (by the time a decision is issued). Have not checked if date/deadline is finalised; wouldn't shock me if a day or two before national holiday.


Verdict due Jan.4th and it's pretty standard:

After end of hearing on Oct.1st, lawyers of defense have 1month to write their closing statement (as the 2nd superceding indictment came at such impossible/unacceptable time!). then presecution has 2w to reply. then defense has 1w to address legal points in prosecution's reply. then judge has about 1months for verdict which is standard.

There is lot of fuckery in that case, but this aint one.

more on a wiki: challengepower.info/start

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@jz @schestowitz I think the main reason is to wait for the Empire's elections to finish. No reason to make decision in which the next US President could alter or change or make moot.

@jd @schestowitz I also think this is not related. End of extradition hearing was scheduled in May, then postponed because of pandemics...

Whichever is the next US president can decide to cancel extradition request and this whole grotesque case, no matter what the UK decides in first instance (as it is likely that there will be an appeal of the decision, whichever party wins it...).

Don't get me wrong, that whole shitfuckery is highly political, but again timing of verdict, i think, isn't.

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