A friend -new to Super Mario!- just made me realize that Mario:

- kills all life where he goes
- destroys parts of the land around
- collects all natural resources (gold) to extend his life
- pretexts that the indigenous would have kidnapped his artistocratic friend, but she is never to be found..
- claims that the land/world is his (by puting his name on it: "Super Mario Land"!)

Does it remind you of someone(s)?

What would YOU do if you were in the place of the indigenous?

@jz and the bricks he breaks are actually people of the mushroom kingdom he is supposed to save.
A mass murderer.


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Perhaps reality cannot be perceive because we live inside Mario's head.

Mario is a nerd :gnomed:


@jz when people want to tell the truth and not be punished for it, they can write a fairy tale. and fairy tales work cause fairy. 🤥 places and names are different. you can tell everything. if someone says that you told his story, he will recognize the fairy tale as an exposure.
our logical brain needs illogical information for corrective work, for "rest".
((oftop: in fact, the brain works constantly and sleeping is another "sanitary" form of its work and not rest at all. Please know that.))

please do not blame yourself for not seeing the black sides of history. this isn't bad, it's natural.
people who see this were most likely severely traumatized.
Boys love to play Mario because he is an independent man.
He can save the beautiful princess without a crown, without a knighthood.
He is so brave and strong that he can fight even with a huge dragon! And he doesn’t even turn into a dragon!
GameDev does not make money from air. It makes money from our dreams of the best.

Sometimes they can put the truth into history.
This does not make players bad people.
This allows us to know the black sides of life without experiencing it in reality.

sorry @jz about indigenous.there is no single answer.
Solve problems when they come.
Mario isn't main evil.
He's a victim of propaganda.
Could he have disobeyed the princess’s order?
The employe is more guilty of the crime or the executioner?
that's a question for court.
while you follow the executioner you're missing employer.
but it all started with the will of the employer, they can have any executioner.
Who gave the command?
and why Mario knows so little about the world in which he fought ?

@sabrina @jz
I'm sorry, I don't know this story very well. Isn’t the story of donkey kong a personal conflict?
I talked about territorial genocide.

@Nivamarina @jz i got that. i'm just wondering how far we could take the argument of reading into mario's political agency. it's an interesting subject, especially consident traditional video game apolitical posture.

@sabrina @jz
Why not? there are a lot of political attributes in the game...
class imbalance between plumber and princess. palaces. contractual marriage of princess Peach and another prince. 😳

@Nivamarina @jz i know ! maybe my french syntaxing of english didn't convey how much i believe we should engage in these kind of discussions :)

@sabrina @jz
excuse me my english is terrible. I hardly understand what you wanted to say, I wish you a good day))) please take care of yourself and stay hydrated

@Nivamarina @jz it's ok ! :) discussions in this format can be excruciatingly painful when we try to shoehorn our syntaxes into different langages. be safe !

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