"First they came for and , and I didn't care because I read too many articles about 's persona and was gullible.

Then they came for and I didn't care because I 'had no time' and because 'hacking is a crime, you see?' and because Brazil is far away..

Then I realized: 'oh wait?! what?! Shit!!!', shortly before I got arrested myself by fascists hordes."


@Shamar @jz I don't and think calling that "lynching" is full-on retarded.


And... I guess that calling me "retarded" is perfectly compliant with your #CoC! 🤣
(like if it was an insult, also!)

I'd invite you to carefully read the mails #RMS wrote back then. And then compare them with the accusations he got.

But the sad thing about lynching mobs is that no matter how evident are facts, they can't accept them.
Because accepting they (virtually, as true keyboard lions) lynched a man for what he said, would hurt to much their own opinion of themselves.

A lynching mob will never accept the victims' innocence, or their right to a due process, because otherwise they would have to accept to NOT be the rightful people they pretend to be.


@Shamar @jz he needed to be explained pedophilia is a bad thing, and there are plenty of indications he'd potentially be an enabler..

I am sure there is additional drama that's not accurate.

He still heads the GNU project.

Lynchings frequently led to death and historically in the US based on racism.

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