Juian Assange arrested in London. Whatever one thinks of the character (and his tweets...) everyone, especially journalists should feel concerned with what will happen to him next.

100% accuracy with authentic docs published. No source ever compromised. Lessons in data-driven journalism. Exposing war crimes... A model for journalism!

Now, extradition to the US? Indictiment for espionnage? A life in prison?

@jz No source compromised? Lessons in data-driven journalism?

Leaking documents about HIV/hepatitis status of innocent people ? 🤔
Publishing name of rape victime? 🤔
Outing of saudi gay people? 🤔

Seriously? 🤔

Good data journalism is filtering documents to avoid collateral damages, not raw publication with no filter at all…

@aeris @jz This. Journalism involves accountability and responsibility, Assange and Wikileaks are the complete opposite of theses.

@jz @aeris Whoah dude, chill, there's no need to become as much of an insufferable asshole as the white-haired man-child you seem to worship.

@jz being a sexual assaulter and a rapist have nothing to do with “the character”.

Stop making a hero of him.

@mathias All charges were dropped in Sweden after he got questioned (5y after when he offered many time to the prosecutor to come and/or to use video link, which SE judges often do.). Document yourself a bit before categorizing ppl pls.

He is now facing risk of life time in prison in the US for espionnage.

@jz @mathias He evaded the charges in Sweden pretty baldly. I won't pretend there was no politics involved, but he had a chance to face the charges in Sweden head on and bailed.

Now he is firstly facing charges for breaching bail in the UK.

He should not be extradited to the US.

@jz yeah, everybody know that justice works, sexual assaulters and rapists never get away if they have really done it.

And just don't patronise me dickhead. You get down from your pedestal and learn how justice and society works.

I'm not saying that it's a good thing he'll face those charges, indeed all prisons should burn but in the meantime sexual assaulters and rapists needs to face real justice.

@mathias @jz because obviously he is going to be charged with rape in the next few days and not charged as a political prisoner in the US...

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